M2 iPad Pro 11

Interesting that they tout “native palm rejection”. No real explanation as to what that really means.

Also given its wide compatibility including the older standard iPad and iPad Mini, my suspicion is that things like latency and scan rate are in line with the original pencil and not the pencil 2. And for instance, Logitech’s product drops the display refresh to 60hz when used on the Pro.

That likely doesn’t matter to the more casual user, but we aren’t that. OTOH, it is a lot cheaper.

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Latest M2 iPad Pro rumors. If this is all there is, I most definitely will look for deals on the 2020 Pro to replace my 2018.

Five Features Rumored for the New iPad Pro Expected Next Month - MacRumors

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The “Top Rated Quote” may have said it all:

“Wonderful, so basically a little faster but you have to re-buy all the expensive accessories. Works for Apple!”

I have to admit, however, if the two 4-pin connectors bring data and PD connectivity, PLUS a new Folio style folding keyboard, I’ll be sorely tested…

What am I thinking, still only Stage Manager and a gimped Finder substitute - move along, nothing here to see…


The rumored glass back is also very Apple, and very much what I don’t want. If only they would use the exact same material as on the Kindle (with better colors). That stuff is a pleasure to hold, doesn’t scratch easily, and doesn’t require a protective case. If course it would drop sales of AppleCare+, so not a chance in heck.


I agree with you, the fire tablets are perhaps the only tablets that are comfortable to hold without a case especially in that they aren’t slippery like every other tablet, and they are fairly scratch resistant. Unfortunately I can’t say the durability of the front display matches that as our lab units are covered in small and medium scratches.

And give how often Apple folks bag on the kindle tablets. it aint gonna happen.

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But, the Kindle is so jejune.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really get the appeal of wireless charging on a device that large. How many wireless chargers out there are actually built to support something like it? You have to have a pretty large surface to lay it down on with most likely a pretty small actual surface area to charge it from. Those stand up phone chargers aren’t likely to work. Charging through the connectors while docked to the magic keyboard is much easier IMO. They should just make a stand that has the connectors with a usb-c cable attached for charging while on the stand.

Also, new connectors and new pencil. Sounds like Apple was tired of people buying the new iPad without buying new accessories. Unless the pencil is leaps and bounds better than the last one, I don’t really see a reason to upgrade.

I still think the leakers and media have gotten it all wrong - the “magsafe” isn’t wireless but the pull away cable of the Mac variety - add that and a silo to the Magic Keyboard 2022 and you have the iPad Pro laptop…

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What does this say about the groundbreaking M2 iPad Pro and M2 MacBook Pro:

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It looks to be just a minor spec bump, so why not?

Feels like such a stark contrast to a month or two ago when there was a bit of a hype train over these iPPs having “some of the first major redesigns in years.” That’s open to interpretation I suppose and could just mean the front-facing camera is now in landscape position and it has a new charging port.

This is more “day in the TPC life” whining but the crummiest thing about this for me, if it’s true, is that Oct-Nov also seems like a really bad time to jump ship to Samsung. The Tab S9s and S23 phones are rumored to come out in January, at least with a quick glance at Google. I feel doubtful there will be good enough sales on the Tab S8 Ultra to offset how close that is, but at the same time, I really want off my 2020 iPP.

Edit: Meh, just cut out some more ranting about how much I think a Pencil 3 should be unveiled.

Even with a new smart connector which “might” open the door to other peripherals besides the smart keyboards, I’m still not seen any rumor that makes a new iPad Pro a “buy it/upgrade now” for me.

Apple under Cook has been the epitome of incrementalism and thus makes it easy for me and others to skip an upgrade cycle or two without a significant impact.

And FWIW the latest rumors around the forthcoming Google table including the display and pen support might make me take a look.

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I was really hoping the folio style Magic Keyboard would make an appearance, but not holding much hope for this now. In fact, I wonder just how important the rumored 14.1" iPad may be to this equation. After “playing” with Stage Manager since the second developer beta, I still feel it is a half-baked idea for multiple reasons:

  • It adds very little to the 11" screen size
  • At 12.9" it is almost laptop-like, but
  • A 14.1" screen might be even better, but for the next item…
  • Window management SUCKS - yes, you can have overlapping windows, but it bends so much to the iPad touch first mentality that managing, placing, and sizing windows onscreen is a constant hassle
  • This continues over to external monitor support - window place is a little better on the larger canvas, but still an unnecessary hassle for any level of productivity
  • so what is missing overall - a real windowing environment

Apple has opened pandora’s box - so now they have to get over their religious dedication to finger first. So maybe the 14.1 will bring with it a more classic windowing environment

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Well considering that a large number of complaints about IOS16 on the iPad are that touch support has suffered at the expense of mouse/keyboard, I’m skeptical about how far they will go. I certainly don’t ever expect anything comparable to the Mac Finder


Well, that’s some heartburn to me, since all weekend long I never picked up my iPP11. The iPhone 13 Pro did almost all of the “iPhoney” work (boy, is that a poor choice of made up words or what) and SP8 (thanks to Chrome) did the rest. Actually didn’t have time for leisurely reading, so I KNOW I’d miss my magazines (News+) but Kindle books only await the loading of Android on the SP8…

I feel a BAD case of sour grapes coming on…as he looks at the iPhone 14 Pro Max and wondering if the iPhone 15 Ultra (with USB-C, 512gb storage, periscope zoom) might be the next destination…

I have my iphone mini 13, and see no reason to upgrade. What I’m really waiting for is a real camera improvement with substantial enough optical zoom of some sort to be useful. I’d upgrade for that. Although I’d prefer it in a tiny package. That, or some sort of mini-pencil that I could use on my phone. 100% I’d upgrade for that.


Guess Gurman sucked all the oxygen out of the room, because all of the usual Apple web haunts have switched from “October Surprise” to "What Apple May Release in 2023!’

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Well, is Apple next up to disappoint with incremental upgrades…

Just an announcement, no event, because it’s just an incremental update to M2. Don’t get any hopes up. I certainly won’t.

So, what happened to:

MagSafe charging
Landscape camera
Four pin connectors (x2)
New folio design Magic Keyboard

So now Apple copies MS? :crazy_face: