Lincplus LincStudio S1 (Windows tablet with EMR)

So this company is making a surface clone but the interesting part is it comes with Wacom emr and shortcut keys which kinda makes it my dream windows tablet (I know the hp x2 exists but it’s ooold), apparently they’re aiming for $1000-$1200 but it’ll be crowdfunded which is always kinda iffy to get into…

Still interesting Wacom has been a bit more lenient about licensing their tech lately with all those e-readers and the asus stuff.


Very interesting find. Specs are decent. Wacom EMR is killer. Looks like an artist’s dream. Pair it with a Surface Pro Maroo case to add a place to store the pen and you’re in business.

Did I miss the price and availability? Not sure about the hot keys but it has 2 usb c and 1 usba ports. Its clearly a move in the right direction.

Wacom bezels included. :laughing:


Always great to see any new Wacom tablet. Seems a bit large (by size comparison with the 12.9" iPad Pro) but the idea of 12 shortcut buttons should really excite teh creative crowd…but…

Crowd Funding - I’ve sworn off of that regardless who they are because I’ve been burned more than a few times on those projects.

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They come with shortcut keys tho which is huge cause it actually makes it usable on like, a couch without a keyboard…


This looks fantastic. The lack of auto rotate would probably bother me, but otherwise, for an artist, I think they cut the right corners to keep it affordable, while providing the key features for serious art. With the Huion and now this, I’m cautiously optimistic we’ll see better and better artist focused tablets in the future.

My guess is that Auto Rotate just wasn’t turned on.


Possibly. He reviews a lot of devices, and seemed to think this wasn’t just a setting. Maybe just the review unit. But maybe they didn’t include an accelerometer at all to save some money.

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One brief article link:

If I hadn’t just bought my GB3Pro360, I’d be in.

I may buy one as a gift for my daughter.


That article brings up a good point that I always forget about until I am almost convinced to buy a Windows tablet, and specifically an intel powered one. Battery life. When I was debating between the Mobile Studio Pro and the iPad Pro back in 2019, I found an excellent deal on the Wacom on eBay and was almost ready to pull the trigger before I stopped myself due to the battery life. I usually draw around the house, but I do like to take my tablet to a few places where plugging in isn’t really feasible. I love that I can pick up one of my IPPs at pretty much any time and it’s got plenty of battery for me to sketch on. And this while I only charge them once every few days or so.

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Yeah, when coolness (in terms of temperature) and battery life are a concern I just grab my Kindle Scribe.

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Bezels are good. Embrace the bezel.

Else you may end up like a certain Ars Technica writer.

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Can’t believe you guys are complaining about physical buttons and bezels on a drawing tablet lol



The one change I’d want would be to have a second set of buttons on the back for hand-held sketching.

Everytime I fold my Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 into tablet mode I wish that the buttons on the edge of the numeric keypad, or the opposite side would be active — the irony is, Esc`, Tab, Shift, and Ctrl are almost exactly the ones I need for my most favourite drawing program (perhaps we could make Caps Lock work as Alt in this mode? That would be perfect).

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I don’t mind the bezels cause in this case they are exclusively for the shortcut keys.

This does look to be a very nice unicorn device. EMR in that Surface Pro style was always hampered in some way or another. The Zbook & Mobile Studio Pros are heavy tanks, the Galaxy Book 1 had the origami case, the Galaxy Book 2 had Windows on Arm, and everything else EMR based was either Flip based or pure tablet based.

But this looks adequately sleek, and portable. And although it doesn’t look it, they were able to get the 2:3 aspect ratio.

I am curious how well they were able to implement EMR here though. Sometimes that can be hit or miss.

Specs from here


  • Processor: Intel 11th gen 1165G7 (4-core)
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe
  • Display: 13-inch IPS LCD, matte texture
  • Resolution: 2160 x 1440, 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Ports: USB 2.0 type A, 3.5mm audio, 2x USB-C Thunderbolt
  • Speakers: 2x
  • Camera: 8MP + 13MP
  • Battery: 42:75Wh that supports USB-C PD65W charging
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Hotkeys: 12
  • Pen: Wacom EMR tech with support for tilt, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Latency: 10ms
  • Reporting rate: 450 PPS
  • Keyboard: Detachable
  • OS: Windows 11
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I like the origami case of the GB12.

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