Wacom One

Bought a refurbished Wacom One off eBay, and have connected it to my MacBook as a 3rd display (in addition to the laptop’s display and a 4K 27" Samsung UR-55.

For the price, it’s working quite well, and I’m surprisingly finding it very useful for work when tele-working — I keep the Microsoft Teams app on it, so it makes answering phone calls much more convenient, even though I have to either guide my mouse to it through a narrow path, or reach for the pen (touch would be a big improvement here — wish that Wacom would do a mid-line unit w/ this stylus technology and touch)

Kind of kicking myself for buying Serif’s Affinity suite, since it’s bundled w/ the Wacom One…


I wish anyone would do a mid-line unit with pen and touch. The only touch I’ve found are the highest of high end for the companies that make drawing tablets.

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Wow I didn’t expect a refurbished device to have bundled software in tact, is it official refurbished?

I wish we have those kind of deal, but again I’m too spoiled by touch and high res screen so it might feel like a downgrade.

How are you liking the pen so far? Does it align well on your other EMR devices like the Galaxy book? I’m considering buying one as a backup for my s-pen that came with the Tab S7 FE (almost lost track of it once, the magnetic connector is flimsy and it’s too light and fall far). I’m pretty much resigned to one button in Wacom UD 2.0 devices, and thankfully I’m used to just use one button.

Yes, Wacom has an account on eBay which they use to sell refurbished and used items.

Stylus is good, and works perfectly on my Kindle Scribe (I bought a spare Wacom One stylus a while back and it works perfectly on my Samsung Book 12 and Note 10+ as well), and one of my Staedtler Noris Digital Styluses works perfectly on the Wacom One, so I seem to be good to go in terms of stylus compatibility/calibration/tracking.

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