Wacom One

Bought a refurbished Wacom One off eBay, and have connected it to my MacBook as a 3rd display (in addition to the laptop’s display and a 4K 27" Samsung UR-55.

For the price, it’s working quite well, and I’m surprisingly finding it very useful for work when tele-working — I keep the Microsoft Teams app on it, so it makes answering phone calls much more convenient, even though I have to either guide my mouse to it through a narrow path, or reach for the pen (touch would be a big improvement here — wish that Wacom would do a mid-line unit w/ this stylus technology and touch)

Kind of kicking myself for buying Serif’s Affinity suite, since it’s bundled w/ the Wacom One…


I wish anyone would do a mid-line unit with pen and touch. The only touch I’ve found are the highest of high end for the companies that make drawing tablets.

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Wow I didn’t expect a refurbished device to have bundled software in tact, is it official refurbished?

I wish we have those kind of deal, but again I’m too spoiled by touch and high res screen so it might feel like a downgrade.

How are you liking the pen so far? Does it align well on your other EMR devices like the Galaxy book? I’m considering buying one as a backup for my s-pen that came with the Tab S7 FE (almost lost track of it once, the magnetic connector is flimsy and it’s too light and fall far). I’m pretty much resigned to one button in Wacom UD 2.0 devices, and thankfully I’m used to just use one button.

Yes, Wacom has an account on eBay which they use to sell refurbished and used items.

Stylus is good, and works perfectly on my Kindle Scribe (I bought a spare Wacom One stylus a while back and it works perfectly on my Samsung Book 12 and Note 10+ as well), and one of my Staedtler Noris Digital Styluses works perfectly on the Wacom One, so I seem to be good to go in terms of stylus compatibility/calibration/tracking.

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gg Wacom.

Damn can they be a shitty company.

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I’m trying to find where this pen is though… I really do want to buy it.
Edit: well, to try it out.

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Would the $599 13" Wacom One count?

Still pricey compared to the similarly priced 12.4" Galaxy Tab 7 FE (+SuperDisplay connection to PC), but ultra cheap compared touch-enabled Cintiqs.


Interesting. Yeah, I think that’s a good start. Hopefully Huion and XP Pen follow suit. I don’t think I’d bite on the Wacom One Touch anytime soon because it’s not any larger than my IPP, but maybe in the future when my IPP starts to slow down.

Just in case you did not find where to buy the Wacom One pen, here you are two sites where you can get it:

In USA: Wacom One Standard Pen

In Europe: Wacom One Standard Pen

Hope it is useful for you


Thanks. Yeah I happened to see it under accessories, not styluses. Very weird.

Wacom really needs an overhaul on their e-commerce site.

I’m waiting for it to go on amazon so I don’t have to pay for shipping.

Tab S7 FE had touch and 2k screen and almost same size as the 13.3 at 16:10. It also had a full computer, so with SuperDisplay is definitely a better value for the same pen experience.
I also stopped caring about wacom 4k 16 inch offering now that tab s8 ultra is having wide availability and getting cheaper and cheaper on the used market.

The only thing i would want is the pen from wacom, as the one included in the S7 fe lacks replacement tips. My original tip was fragile and snapped, and most of the tip i could buy was knock off and not really fit and feel bad for drawing, the stick pen from my phone actually did better. A few stores that advertise original pen tip sell them as expensive as the pen, and i wouldn’t even be sure that it was really original. A bigger wacom pen with stronger tip would be ideal, hopefully they will get to our country soon

You can see the Wacom EMR compendium on here. All the styluses there will work.

That includes the new Wacom One one.

Now, you won’t be able to change or even use the second button, but everything else will work. You can thank Samsung for locking their ROMs down for that.

For folks who are curious, my Wacom One 13 (Gen 1) worked perfectly on my Raspberry Pi 4 using Raspbian, so for folks who wish to experiment w/ a stylus in Linux, I can recommend it as an option.

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So… the weird thing is that using my lifebook pen (old Digitizer stylus) with a clean install of windows on my Samsung notebook 9, I am able to use the 2nd button with radial menu.

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Which digitizer driver gets used in this circumstance?

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I made an edit to clarify it was on my Samsung Notebook 9 windows laptop
The Digitizer and the EMR drivers are more or less the same as far as I can tell (I assumed it was just marketting to call it some cool 3 letter acronym like EMR). The only difference is that old pens start to lose their positioning when the pen is tilted. I’ll test it again when I get back from work.

Not wanting to come across as rude, but I did make the effort to cover EMR in a thread/wiki on this forum (an explanation of what it is by people who know far more about it are linked there):


My main problem is most of the better pen doesn’t sell outside a few countries and the only thing i can find readily available in my country is the thin and fragile spens. Some reseller sell wacom one but they don’t sell backup pen.

I still have some pen available from the old tabletpc days before AES but that was before Samsung change the nib assembly size and it won’t be accurate.