INNOCN 27P1U PRO 4K drawing monitor

This one might be for @darkmagistric…we may finally have a Surface Studio monitor.

The INNOCN 27P1U PRO with pen input, touch, and full DCI-P3 4K!

There english website does not appear to have an official page, so I pulled the specs off the Amazon listing:

  • 27 Inch 4K Touchscreen Monitor
    3840 x 2160p resolution computer touchscreen monitor
    Quantum Dot IPS panel deliver 100% sRGB, 99% DCI-P3 color gamut, up to 500nits brightness, 1.07b colors

  • Sensitive 10 Point Touch
    4096 level pressure sensitivity, active pen support, monitor will come with a touch pen

  • 8.0MP Front Webcam with MicT
    integrated pop-up 8.0MP Full HD adjustable webcam, mic array and stereo speakers

  • Foldable Ergonomic Stand
    Z shape metal adjustable stand can be easily adjusted to the desired angle of use, support height / tilt adjustment

  • Rich Connectivity
    2 x USB-A, 1 x USB Upstream, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x USB Type C 65W , 1 x Audio Out.

    Product Dimensions 2 x 24.5 x 15 inches
    Item Weight 28.5 pounds
    Manufacturer Guangxi Century Innovation Display Electronics Co.,Ltd

ETAPrime made a very nice overview, showing inking on Android (@˜2:20) and Windows (@˜5:30). No pen or touch input it seems on iPad, unfortunately.

Price is $1000 (but it’s $300 off on Amazon right now).

The only catch its confirming if it’s MPP compatible, but at $700 it’s still a really tempting deal…and hey, Amazon returns right? One of you guys in the States early-BF splurge and test it, so I don’t have to pay the import fees. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhhh!!! I actually have the 27" Innocn monitor and love it. It’s very high quality for a sub 500$ monitor. But I keep on wanting it to have touch. A pen-- even a not super amazing perfect EMR pen-- would be a cherry on the top. I was really looking for a touch enabled big monitor, and just couldn’t honestly find one.

Will have to investigate more!

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Signed up just to ask about this thing lol, there’s no info at all anywhere, but it actually looks really good in this video


Oh wow, that’s from @Shogmaster, longtime member on the old forum.

Dam, those lines are looking clean. Is it confirmed it’s MPP 2.0?

If it weren’t for that darned $180 import fee! You guys in the States are so lucky…it’s the one thing all Canadians are jealous of (even if they won’t admit it :wink: ).


Lol I’m im Mexico, same import fee, but even then it’s still much cheaper than even huion and XP pen + it has a touch screen and the stand looks amazing tbh…

I just wonder how good is the pen cause I’m kinda sensitive to bad initial activation

Yeah, ok, I want that now. Pen performance from Shog’s video looks pretty great. The swivel stand is way better of an option for my workflow than the way XP Pen and Huion do theirs. Granted, their pens are probably better, but idk if I need all that. Just wish it could work directly with my IPP for drawing on the larger screen. I’ll have to get a drawing app for the MBP if I end up getting this.

Now make it OLED and it would literally be perfect for me.