Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 8 (2023)

Lenovo’s latest version of the Yoga 9i, featuring a 14" OLED screen and 13th gen Intel core i CPUs. For a discussion of Gen 7 (2022, 12th gen Intel) see last year’s thread.

Product page here. Starting at $1700


Feature Max spec
Processor Intel Core i7-1360P
Screen 14" OLED 90Hz
Resolution 3840x2400 (16:10)
Brightness 400 nits
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
Pen tech Wacom AES 2.0
Network Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1
Ports 2TB4, 1USB-C, 1USB-A, 3.5mm
Fingerprint yes
Dimensions (in.) 0.6 x 12.5 x 9.1
Weight 3.09 lbs
OS Windows 11 Pro


I’ve just ordered the 13th gen version of this, been pondering and trying many convertibles in the vain hope of selling my MBA and iPad and travelling with one less device.

It seems to be getting very good reviews, Lenovo had 15% off the 90Hz 2880 x 1800 px OLED version and it appears I can run it in“intelligent cooling” mode to cut down on fan noise (I hope)

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Cool, congrats! Looking forward to your first impressions.

First impressions are not good, dreadful buzzing noise even before Windows loads!!

Case logged with Lenovo! Update - they have offered refund/replace straight away so a thumbs up but think I’m giving up on Windows devices for the time being.

Assume others can hear these? I’ve come from a Macbook Air M1 which is silent but I’m sure this isn’t normal?

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Maybe before you return it use it for a while, just to check out things like outdoor visibility, battery life (under your personal app loadout), and slow diagonal pen jitter.

(These things are somewhat difficult to determine from mainstream reviews, as they tend to just report a nit value, test battery simply by looping a video, and skip over pen testing entirely. :frowning: ).

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It’s unusable with the buzz IMHO. Was also reminded how insanely good my MBA is battery life wise. Was in an all day meeting 930-430 yesterday and it was being used to type minutes in OneNote, connected to wifi with Teams and Outlook in the background and only used around 20%! Used another 30% on the train home in Edge, on a zoom call so got home with 50% battery!

Fan noise is a bummer, but those are a few suggestions for quick tests while you still have the device, as a lot of us are interested those niche data points.

But thanks for reporting on the fan noise and taking those recordings, useful info for prospective buyers!

It’s more than fan noise, maybe just a faulty fan/component as they replied within minutes of getting the mp4 files to say they would refund/replace.

yeah fair point, and had I read this earlier I would have done. however I just did a full reset and re-boxed it up over my lunch break!


Yes based on the sound files you uploaded, it sounds like a bad voltage regulator on the motherboard which means that it would eventually fail out right.

Thankfully that’s relatively rare though with ever smaller components it still can occur

In the immortal words of Paul Thurrott “What’s a pen?”

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