List of Windows 11 tablets and convertibles with stylus

Let’s give this a go! On the old TPCR forum we had two huge lists of tablet models, one for Win8, and one for Win10. Well, it’s a new era, it’s a new forum, and it’s a new version of Windows! Feel free to chime in with any missing models, and if you can, please include a link to the specs page from the manufacturer. I’ll try to keep this post up to date, key phrase being “try”. :slight_smile:

This thread is for laptops that are available with Win11 preinstalled.

For the list with older tablets that come with Windows 10, see here.

Pen tech: Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP)

Surface Laptop Studio 2 (2023) - Forum thread / Product page
Surface Go 4 (2023) - Forum thread / Product page
Surface Pro 9 (2022, Intel and ARM versions) forum thread
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Surface Pro X

Pen tech: Wacom AES

IdeaPad Duet 3i
10w - detachable running on Snapdragon
ThinkPad L13 Yoga
Thinkpad X12 Gen1 Tablet Lisa’s review
ThinkPad X13 Yoga gen 3
ThinkPad X13 Yoga gen 4 (2023) First mention in this thread
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Pen tech: Wacom EMR - S Pen

Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 - forum thread
Galaxy Book3 360 13.3/15.6 and Pro 360 16" (2023) - forum thread

2022 Spin 3 Article / Forum post
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Pen tech: Wacom AES 2.0 (Asus Pen 2.0) and MPP 2.0

Flow X13 (2022) - 2021 can run Windows 11 but comes with 10
Flow X16
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Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED
Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED
Zenbook 14 Flip OLED - Intel 12th Gen and AMD 6000 and 5000
Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED

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Vivobook S 14 Flip - available in AMD or Intel, and IPS or OLED

ExpertBook B3 Flip - siloed stylus MPP 2.0
ExpertBook B3 Detachable - siloed stylus MPP 2.0 - ARM (Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 7c Gen 2)
ExpertBook B5 Flip - siloed stylus MPP 2.0
ExpertBook B5 Flip
ExpertBook B5 Flip OLED - Intel 11th gen
ExpertBook B7 Flip
ExpertBook L2 Flip - AMD - MPP 2.0 stylus may be included

Spectre x360 13.5" Article
Spectre x360 16" Article
HP Spectre Fold Article / Forum thread

XiaomiBook S 12.4”, Windows-on-ARM Article

*Pen tech: ? *

MateBook E OLED tablet Official page / Article (2022)

Pen tech: Wacom AES

TCL Book X12 Go - Early hands-on / Forum post

…and a picture generated by Bing showing an ocean of tablets, some of them somewhat unrealistically bent. :slight_smile:


Just came across the Lenovo 10w, a low cost detachable on ARM, releasing in April

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I saw someone somewhere on here come up with the idea of maybe making a separate page for these that can just be updated. These were my most used threads from the old site, but just wondering if we can’t improve on it somehow to make it even more user friendly.

No offense to the thread, you do a great job keeping it up to date.

Yeah, once we have a wiki I’ll link to it. I thought it would still be good to have a simple plain text list here while the wiki evolves.

I definitely see the use case for both. Wiki’s don’t foster discussion, but discussion clogs up the data.

@JoeS, I just set the post to be a wiki which might help us significantly with maintaining these threads so they don’t die like in the past. (Details here: What is a Wiki Post? - howto / faq - Discourse Meta) I have been meaning to mention this but I believe @Marty is familiar with it since they may have used the wiki functionality on the Eve Community forum that also uses Discourse. This isn’t a full-scale Wiki, mind you, but the bottom line is this: when you set a post to be a wiki, it makes it editable by every user who can then help maintain it. If you like this, feel free to make them all wikis and we can get the community contribution ball rolling. :slight_smile:


Oh I see, you thought the wiki was going to be a separate thing, but if I understand this right, all users can already edit the OP? Fine by me!

So how does the user see that this is a wiki? I should probably go read that link that you posted. :grimacing:

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Yeah, the full-blown Wiki is another idea that is still incubating at the moment, but this is at least helps making maintaining informational threads like this one a whole lot easier on everyone. No longer does everyone have to wonder what to do if the original poster goes AWOL or otherwise abandons it and one person doesn’t have to feel like they have to carry whole world of tablets on their shoulders.

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There should be an edit button on the user end once you do. We might want to post instructions at the top about editing, like following a given format and such. And if one person is just slightly off after making their contribution, again no worries. Another person can help them and edit their contribution, and on and on of everyone helping each other, and everyone’s good to go. We might also need to lower the edit level to trust_level_1 in the admin panel so everyone can edit. EDIT: Never mind. The setting already defaults to trust level 1.

Dell’s new 13.3 convertible. No mention of a stylus though.

New HP spectre x360 announced:

Acer also released new convertibles:

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Apparently the 7th gen ThinkPad Yoga was released, see Lisa’s recent review.

Edit: nice, it’s available with OLED. :+1:t2: Then again, do read some of the posts on the official Lenovo forum before buying anything directly from Lenovo.

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Nicely done review as usual. Thanks, @lisaMobileTechReview

It looks like a decent choice for its intended market. I’m not sure I could ever trust the quality consistency of an AES pen after my Yoga 9i, however. Even with an $85 AES 2.0 Lenovo pen bought separately it was awful. :crying_cat_face:

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Dells new 13" line up has a detachable. Dell's first XPS-branded detachable tablet leaked (Dell XPS 9315t) - Liliputing.

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Interesting. Looks possibly more lapable than a Surface type device:


Thanks. It’s as solid as ever. Not a lot has changed from last gen, but still one of my fave business convertibles. The pen really isn’t bad at all for note taking (not my first choice for fine art work).


The fact that OLED is back is pretty major. I do wish they would bring back the micro SD slot (occasionally miss it on my SLS) and that they’d push it a little closer to 2.5 lbs for that “impossibly sleek and lightweight” impression of the early X1 Carbons. Still very nice machines though.

Does look nice. What pen tech does Dell use these days? Last I tried of theirs, it was the worst of the bunch.

Just added my Thinkpad X12 Gen1 Tablet.
Solid little thing that works fine on the road or connected to an USB-C Dock at home.
Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable Tablet-Laptop Review - YouTube


I think that was a Win10 release though right? Or is it available with Win11 preinstalled from Lenovo by now?