Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 -good midrange competitor to Samsung Tab S8

We certified this for a customer a couple of weeks ago and I for the most part agree with this review with a couple of notable exceptions.

On the positive side, he undersells what a terrific OLED display this tablet has, being fairly accurate out of the box as well as being among the brightest OLED tablets you can buy. The display is superior to the panel in the standard Samsung Tab S8, in almost every way save maximum brightness which has more to do with limitations of OLED as much as anything.

OTOH the significant potential downside that we warn our customers about is that Lenovo’s track record with providing OS updates, in a timely manner or for that matter more than one major update, is mixed at best.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 review: A 120Hz challenger to the Galaxy Tab S8 | Android Central


That’s a shame they aren’t better about giving software & security updates. I had(well still have) the Lenovo Thinkpad android tablet(the n-trig one) & also was poorly updated. If I remember it started with 4.1(maybe 4.2) & only got 4.4 late & barely any security updates, which for a Thinkpad name is awful.

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