Lenovo Tab Extreme - Android tablet competing with samsung?

Even making its rounds in the Samsung galaxy tab subreddit.

If it had a wacom pen, this Samsung Shill (me) would make the switch


It would need more than Wacom to sway me. Aspect ratio doesn’t look great, and honestly, other than CSP, Android’s art software is still not all that great. A Wacom enabled Windows tablet in this form factor would be great though.


You prefer something more 3:4?

Also, I believe Lenovo uses MPP on PC, but I’m curious to see what pen tech they end up going with.

Actually, I wonder if how compatible the stand would be to other tablet things. If I could just buy the stand and jerryrig it to work on my tab8ultra.

4:3 or 3:2. even 16:10 is workable, but that looked 16:9 at best.

And yeah, I don’t like MPP, I was saying it needs Wacom And Windows And better aspect ratio. I do like their take on the keyboard though.


With a 3:2 aspect ratio and I’m with you.

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