Lenovo Tab M9

We received the usual PR stuff on this yesterday. It looks to be a solid tablet especially for the price with a slightly above average display *(brightness) for the price and size.

And intriguingly when we asked about possible pen support we were told that there would be more on that topic in Q2 2023.

Lenovo’s Tab M9 Android Tablet Has a 9-Inch Screen for Only $139.99 | PCMag

It’s almost like Lenovo wants to overprice the Amazon Fire tablet market, IMO.

Agreed. In point of fact, early on the same chinese white box company was behind the lenovo tablets, the fire tablets and Asus models as well.

The fire tablets sell in large enough numbers now that Amazon owns the company that actually manufactures them now.

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See, I learned something today. Love this place. Thanks. :+1:
(BTW, makes sense for a product that’s already on thin margins in the space and meant to draw the owner in for stickier subscription offerings.)

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