Is there any OLED EMR tablet out there?


even though I was always a Surface Fan, I still think Wacom EMR is the best pen tech out there. I just love my LAMY and Staedtler pens.

Some of you might remember (from the old forums) that I own a Galaxy Book2. Which, in my opinion is the best Surface Pro clone there is.

It’s ARM = always on, no battery drain ;
It’s OLED = just awesome colors
It’s Wacom EMR

Sadly I was away for a while and when I came back the battery was empty and the battery seems dead. It’s stuck at 0% battery.

So I’m looking for a similar tablet. Is there anything similar out there?

@Tourniquet : It sounds like you should simply look for a NOS Galaxy Book 2 ( or one in good to excellent used condition)?

Wacom EMR still shows up on new devices, but off hand I don’t know of anything that fits your three criteria. Maybe someone else knows…?


Samsung still makes arm, oled, emr tablets, they just all run android now. If you want windows, you have to move to one of the laptops, but it’ll be intel not arm.


It seems the quagmire of licensing (restrictions and costs) has meant and means that producing a a top end ARM device with EMR is just not viable.

Instead we only get low end, or several generation old processor devices with EMR.

It seems both Qualcomm and Wacom aren’t great companies to work with, and non Qualcomm ARM SoCs (expect Apple’s) are good at best.

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It’s sadly not that simple. I always have to import it from the US and it’s not possible afaik to get new ones anymore. I did buy another used one a while ago but the condition was nothing like it said on ebay.

Thats why I was kinda hoping that there is some hidden gem people don’t know about.

Is there any Windows E-Ink device with EMR? That would also be an interesting option.

I can’t think of anything that meets your criteria.

What is it specifically you need from Windows for this device? I think that’s the hardest hurdle to overcome honestly. Almost everyone other than Samsung uses MPP2 or something similar, so you’re pretty limited to the brand off the bat. Then the arm requirement cuts that down even more.

Personally for me, if I really wanted OLED, I would probably go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 9. But my use case would almost exclusively be art creation and video consumption.


A weird thought, would it be possible to port WOA to a Galaxy Tab 9 Ultra? GitHub project?


Yes please.


Are ARM chips being used in current and new laptops? I’ve not followed tech news very closely lately so I don’t know. My understanding is that it was a compatibility roll of the dice.

Not with how Qualcomm lock their SoCs down. Developers struggle to even get Android forks to run.

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Yeah its possible. However with Samsung specifically its rather hard to do. Samsung usually customize their drivers a lot, which makes it even harder to get windows run there properly.

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