New e-ink tablets and e-readers with stylus

Let’s discuss current and new e-ink devices that support inking. Examples are the Onyx Boox series and the oddball Lenovo ThinkBook Plus.

What current or upcoming e-ink devices are you excited about or are you actively using? Are there even any color e-ink devices with stylus support?

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Sure! @Bronsky and I think @violajack own Boox Nova Color 7.8” devices. Color e-ink, Android and EMR pen.

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You can even get your very own from BB around February 2…


Oh right! Next up: letter size or A4 size models. Or whatever the size of Marvel comics is.

BTW I wouldn’t mind buying another tablet like the Boox Note Air, but putting all my passwords on an Android tablet that is not officially Play certified made me pretty nervous. The fact that its screen broke inside my laptop bag also took some of the shine off. :grimacing:

If I could get a Sony DPT-RP1 with backlight, a slightly easier sync process (or full-blown certified Android, sure!), and a non-proprietary stylus I’d be happy.

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Nova color owner checking in, though I’ve given that to my oldest. He’s been reading a lot of comics lately and Garfield looks pretty nice in color eink. I’m using a max lumi now for sheet music reading. I’ve put all my teaching scores on it. It’s perfect with a BT foot pedal for page turning.


Yep. I have a Nova 3 Color. Love it. I primarily use it for taking notes. I use it during conference calls, conducting document reviews and while on Zoom. I find that I can keep my notes organized in one place, using it like that. It makes a good outdoor/poolside reader as well. Battery lasts forever and it has a USB-C charging port, so I can just plug it into my Galaxy Note 10 charger when I need to top off the battery. Great device, glad I got one.


Not A4, but Bigme (a relatively recent Chinese OEM - though they are in the education sector there) have some 10" models coming out.*

  • They aren’t cheap, making even Boox look a bit inexpensive.
  • New player in the space (and only just now with English support)

*link is a promotional thing for Good e-Reader’s store (and as good as they can be sometimes their takes are… different. They also really need a copy editor).

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New entry: at MWC 2022 Huawei has just announced the 10.3" MatePad Paper with 85% screen-to-body ratio, running HarmonyOS. Should be around $500-$600, and comes with M-Pencil and Folio cover.


My deal breaker after getting the Onyx Max 2 (ornsomething along that line) has been the lack of functioning OneNote. Since getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Lite I have grown fond of Samsung Notes. Alas nothing on Windows unless you have a Samsung device. So if Samsung came out with an e-ink device I would definitely give it a gander.

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Onyx did come out with a firmware update that vastly improved the OneNote responsiveness, but admittedly it’s still not perfect.

Alas, there have been zero updates to the Max 2. Still a viable device actually. If you’re into A4 e-ink slates, that is.

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The kalido 3 eInk tablet looks to be quite an improvement over the version in my Boox 3.


And perhaps even more exciting: “The new Kaleido 3 displays will be available in a variety of sizes including 7.8 inches, 10.3 inches, and 13.3 inches”. Nice!

The Onyx Nova Air C has been out for a while. It’s an upgrade on the Nova 3 Color. I have the Nova 2 and the Note Air 2 and love them both. I haven’t quite made the leap to color eInk yet!

BTW: Good E Reader’s ethics are, shall we say, questionable. A number of reviews and blog posts they have on their site are lifted verbatim from Mobileread posts yet attributed to the Good E Reader folks. One was mine! I suppose I should take that as a compliment… :roll_eyes: Buying from their store is risky, too. Just sayin’…


There’s something very odd about Good E Reader.

They are the best collator of ePaper news though, as badly written as it often is (if it’s not lifted from somewhere).

Seriously, their original content is atrociously written. They need an actual editor.

No idea about the store.

A good and fair review of the Oynx Nova C Color.

I’m weary of getting anything with Kaleido 3 now out though.

Anybody using Kindle App on the Boox Nova 3? How is it?

I used it on the Nova Color and it was fine. My kid uses it to read mostly with Libby so he can check out Garfield comics in color from the library.

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The Kindle app works very well on my Nova 2 and my Note Air 2. If you see slow page turning, you can tweak app optimization settings and that will fix the problem.

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