iPad Mini 7 Incoming?

Apparently a host of rumors this morning that an iPad Mini regulatory submission for battery change was spotted in China, along with the MBP14 and MBP16, which the rumors indicate is generally preceding an immediate release.

Hey Timmy, if you want “scary fast” how about loading it up with one of those millions of left over M1’s you have…

Give or take the thermal envelope on a device that conveniently sized …

I’ll take Thermal Throttling for $1,000 Alex…


I just hope if they do that, that it’ll kick Samsung into going back to that size.

Oh, for the days of the sub-10" Windows TabletPC!


Even if they were able to throw an M1 or M2 in the Mini, I doubt it would make a tangible deference. As is the Mini 6 takes everything I throw at it with ease, and I can make some fat Clip Studio files.

Besides a proper Apple Pencil 3 update, reducing the bezels further, or offering a 120hz refresh rate, I can’t think of anything substantial they could add.

More storage would be nice, like 512GB or 1TB. The 256GB in both my Mini 5 and Mini 6 has been filled with ease over the years.