iMessage Reverse Engineered for All: Is This Piece of the Apple Walled Garden Coming Tumbling Down?

I have to wonder if Apple’s RCS support is a knee-jerk result of the successful reverse engineering of iMessage? That’s one for the sleuths and historians, but it does seem awfully coincidental timewise. As it stands, now any device can be used to send messages via iMessage. The first commercial offering is the Android app Beeper Mini, which (unlike their previous app Beeper, which required a questionable remote server to act as an intermediary) utilizes this reverse engineering in-app to facilitate direct iMessage communication. I wonder how long it will be before Microsoft implements this hack so we can get full iMessage support in Windows?

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Spoken like a true barrister.


For the commercial app, absolutely. As for the open source option, I would bet not. For years, people have used iMessage by running a VM. This essentially does the same by emulating the bare minimum x86 code and isolated down to very bare minimum for running iMessage on an Intel Mac.

Eh, just have it based out a country with a friendly jurisdiction, preferably one that is susceptible to coups so one one even knows who has power.

It’s all digital, so distribution isn’t much if an issue.

Why not. We’ve completely destroyed our domestic merchant marine using the same technique and permit shippers to avoid US regulation by reflagging their vessels under Liberian registry.