Images of the new Nothing Phone

Strongly reminiscent of the semi transparent Visor, a pre Palm Handspring -Palm Pilot

Handspring Visor Deluxe Translucent Blue Portable PDA Organizer Palm Pilot | eBay

Of course I don’t think the look will make or break this phone, but the software and price will.

This is what the Nothing Phone 1 will look like | Engadget

Well, I like the parrot mascot.

Watch to the end… Brownlee makes a painful observation

Some really nice ideas there - can see those getting stolen by bigger manufacturers.

Honestly, it seems like a whole lot of nothing.

Sorry, I had to. Those are some pretty neat lights, but they’re just that. And only one colour. And on the back. I think a single multi-colour LED is far more useful, especially if it’s in the front. You can probably make just as many useful combinations (that’s you’d actually remember).

I think the biggest thing that will likely doom this is that it’s not coming to the US. Yes I know that the US is only a small fraction of the total user base of smartphone, but for better or worse, as multiple smartphone vendors have learned the hard way, the US has by far the biggest mindshare which of course significantly affects the resources applied across the board.

OTOH we’ve heard rumors that T-mobile is talking to Nothing, possibly as a US exclusive.

And I think/hope that one of our EU or Asian customers will ask us to certify one, so that will give me a chance to play with one.


You have to consider just how many people with colour blindness would struggle with multiple colours. “White” (I’m not being “physics correct”) is a universal light whereas many people won’t pick up different nuances of different colours and almost as many can’t actually see colour differences.

I do appreciate that and have sympathy for people who are colour blind. But they are still a vast minority and that’s not why multi-colour notification LEDs went away.

There are blind people too, and they can’t make use of many features of a smartphone, yet we don’t cut or not include features due to them using smartphones. And the LEDs went away because of this bizarre quest for minimalism (and cost cutting).

Nothing have almost certainly used only white for aesthetic purposes.

Yeah, possibly the “Apple effect” in play as well. I’ve noticed that since the rise of the iPhone and especially air pods, "white " has become synonymous with “best tech” .

A lot of things that before had red led indicators now have white ones. Televisions are a good example.

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Ironically, how many years has it been since there was a white iPhone? I can’t remember the last one.

They still have them, they just call them the more “magical” , Starlight…

I can’t argue that as I don’t know their reasoning but in terms of white light for visual light communication - there’s at least 15 years of research at various universities in developing white light as a communications tool. I’m not confusing it with the “li-fi” experiments which look very promising as a data transmission tool.

Dave2D puts things in perspective.