Huawei MatePad 11.5 PaperMatte Edition

Ignore the fact that even though it has an Android Central byline, it’s essentially a press release, but this looks to be a solid option for some.

I am a fan of their previous “paper like” screen tech and this gen allegedly is the best yet.

Otherwise not absolutely top end specs, but I’d argue most are coming for the pen experience.

The Huawei MatePad 11.5-inch PaperMatte Edition is a tablet that has to be seen to be believed (

PS: It is also supposed to have outstanding glare resistant properties as well.


I’m guessing this is an IPS lcd? At least I don’t see any mention of OLED.

Yes IPS. If it had been OLED, I’d have flagged you :grinning:

BTW the paper matte treatment is likely incompatible with OLED as it is not just a coating but a physical layer including a polarizer which would do odd things with an OLED


Is huawei still banned from using Google play store though? Otherwise it would be a dead breaker no matter how good it is.

I’m somewhat interested in the paper like technology, but I’m still skeptical of AES pen, because I’m already too spoiled by Samsung s-pen. AES pen is also usually an extra expense because it’s not included and not accessible (difficult to buy). Huawei’s offering is usually not cheap either so it’s hard to justify buying them if the tablet +pen combo is more expensive than Tab FE/ lite series.

It’s running Huawei’s proprietary Harmony OS, so I suspect no Play store

Yes, Harmony OS though it’s trivially easy to hack the Play Store and Google apps on to it.

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