Pretty interesting mid range device. I wonder how the screen works in real time, like is there more improvement than just a textured surface?

Also it’s not mentioned if the pen is included, and they don’t disclose the pen tech. It looked like a Wacom EMR without any battery cap or charging port, but if it was Wacom, it’s would be better to include that as promotion. Or could it be some Chinese tech like Hanvon? I haven’t figured out which tech they used in their last phone, but this one has pressure, palm rejection and tilt so it must be active.

Price is predicted to be 450-500$, not sure if keyboard is included.


‘TCL launched the tablet in Russia last month’

Yeah, nah. I’m not supporting them.

TCL is a Chinese company that has always sold in to Russia and North Korea for that matter. They are also the OEM for a lot of other “brands” for lots of products with names like Pioneer or Polaroid.

And FWIW, Lenovo and Samsung continue to sell to Russia, so if that’s your issue, then no more Lenovo or Samsung products for you either?

BTW: The “paper” moniker is actually a 2nd gen of this, as a 2021 model had it as well and consists of a proprietary screen coating to give the paper “feel” among other things

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I’m well aware of who TCL are and obviously completely avoiding may not be possible.

As far as I can tell, Samsung have stopped shipments to Russia and have made humanitarian donations to Ukraine. Lenovo are in my ‘suspicious’ books already, so that’s not an issue.

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Thanks, that wasn’t in anyway intended as accusation BTW, simply curious was all.

and FWIW Samsung sidesteps this sort of thing by doing through a subsidiary /business partner.

BTW they did show this tablet at CES and it will be coming with 5G on board from at least two carriers in late spring

It looks like the NXTPAPER is still using a standard (non-transreflective) LCD layer. This video gives a pretty good comparison to e-ink Kaleido @~3:30:

Overall, the reading experience does seem more paper-like. Still intrigued if it can reduce eye-strain for document reading.

@Desertlap, do you have any idea how this matte coating might differ from other high-quality matte displays you’ve had experience with?

@Marty The only information I have is what TCL told us. It’s a proprietary coating, adapted from a version usually used for high end eyewear for scratch resistance while also having the properties of very low transmission loss (about 2.5%) and exceptional durability

We have not specifically tested it, but it has a feel that though I wouldn’t go quite as far as paper like, is OTOH a significant improvement over the standard glass on mainstream tablet displays.

They quoted a figure of being 500% more resistant to scratches than tempered glass,.

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