Happy Anniversary TPCR!

Seeing a :cake: emoji next to lots of user names this week can only mean one thing: it’s already been a year since we received the news that the old TPCR was closing.

Doesn’t it seem like the new forum has been up for ages? I love our new digs, even more than the old place tbh. And while we lost some of our regulars, many of us made the move, and many new users have been added in the past 12 months. And equally importantly, we’re rapidly generating new content that makes this forum a fun and useful place to visit.

Congrats and thanks to everyone, and as always: all hail @Hifihedgehog :go_sonic: for getting this place up and running on short notice, and for footing the bill. Happy Anniversary!


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Seriously - it is an amazing job that @Hifihedgehog, @joe, and all the others have done to transfer and ENHANCE our community. Great job guys!



Very grateful for all the hard work. Thanks folks


Thank you.


Yeah! I’m slow to accept change, and other life things were pulling me away from forums all across the spectrum, but I’m feeling like…, this place is growing that warm, cozy tablety feeling once again.

You’re a great bunch, ya know?

It’s good to see this place going strong.


Thank you for the awesome job👍🏽


What everyone is saying 100x

This is an awesome forum with such insightful posts


Very grateful for this place. The forum had grown and while it looks different, it had the same spirit as the old forum.

It wouldn’t be the same if it were something like discord (closed nature, difficult search for relevant information, not searchable by Google), or reddit ( lack structure so old post are meant to be buried forever). It’s very rare (and more expensive) to still have forum structure in this day and age, and I’m grateful for that.


Well said, I was just thinking that the other day. I had never heard of Discourse before @Hifihedgehog suggested using it, but it’s been great. Much easier to keep conversations going than on a place like Reddit.


Happy Cake Day to everyone, especially those putting in the work to keep this going. Kudos to @Hifihedgehog for making this possible.

Discourse, aside from its continuing problems with non-Chromium browsers (e.g. Safari on iPad), has been a pleasure once gotten used to. Good choice.


Yeah, reddit is very impersonal. The structure just doesn’t incentivise remembering interactions with other users, so it’s at best very shallow.

Discord is a chat service so, well it’s not designed for persistent content.


Happy Anniversary, TPCR! It’s crazy it’s been a year already! Thank you to @Hifihedgehog for setting this all up and the mods (@JoeS?) for all their work!!!


Happy anniversary TPCR!


Thank you to everybody (@trust_level_0) for making the migration over and keeping our TPCR community alive and kickin’. I am working to offload more moderation duties for Bambu Lab’s Discord server which is projected to eclipse the entirety of the 3D printing Discord servers in raw membership. The volume in the 1000s of traffic (and mere months away now from 10,000s) means I have already had my fair share of nimrods and mental basket cases to mute and ban, which has only made me appreciate even more this truly special digital island of you fantastic folk. I hope to get actively replying soon, but I still check in regularly and get my digital dose of TPCR goodness. -Hifi


I’m a long time lurker and rarely ever post. But this is a VERY unique community. I could tell from the old forum that it was made up of friends that enjoyed each other’s company and were also willing to step on each other’s toes. I’m grateful that community lives on with this forum.


Hang in there @Hifihedgehog - we miss your contributions and look forward to you get more time here, with us weirdos!


I also noticed that quality with reddit to a degree, but didn’t think about it 'till just now. I simply found it repulsive, (not in the “ooh, gross” sense, but rather in the way a magnet pushes the same pole away), and never engaged for long enough to care and ended up staying away. I thought this was due to a simple lack of interest in whatever subjects were under discussion, but that’s obviously false. There’s tons of information passing through reddit which I am regularly interested in. My reaction is likely the result of a deliberate design feature, and my own personal internal mechanisms kicking in.

I can’t imagine the design of reddit wasn’t implemented with some deliberate purpose.

In the grand experiment which is Twitter, it became evident that seemingly simple design features which may seem incidental and unintentional are in fact deeply understood for their psychological (warfare) value and then deliberately deployed precisely to create entire behavioral ‘weather’ patterns. The feng-shui of a site can easily cause legions of people to resonate with their lizard brains and worst versions of themselves, or alternatively, encourage engagement with their higher cognitive centers and thereafter, their better selves.

There’s a reason that (apocryphal) Silicone Valley tech wizard once declared social media and phone devices to be more dangerous than hard drugs and swore he wouldn’t let his kids go near it.

It takes a special kind of self-awareness to both be on a platform like Twitter and to also maintain one’s grace and intelligence. And even then, I’m not at all convinced it doesn’t have deleterious effects over time.

“Play in the mud, get muddy!”


Yeah, my reddit persona is, umm… yeah, no. I think part of it is that I don’t actually care about the people I interact with there as it feels like outside of a comment chain I won’t see them again.

I try to only go on there to find answer to general problems these days.

Compared to forums like here, where I want to and feel a need to keep a decent enough reputation as I recognise almost everyone who posts here, and on bigger forums the same usernames and avatars popping up.


The community here making this place awesome is a really underrated aspect to this site. I find myself constantly searching for more forums that meet other hobbies/aspects of my life and I either can’t find them or they don’t measure up to here.


I’m looking at you, fantasy writing of novels!


That is a great analysis of the slop trough that is so much of the internet today. I wanted to say what c r a p the internet has become but I get blanked out on our community - at least its a start