The old TPCR forum is now available in all its archived glory!

It’s here folks! When Tech Target announced that the tabletpcreview forum would close, we all feared that the thousands of thoughtful posts would be lost forever. But! Behind the scenes @Hifihedgehog worked with to put together a complete snapshot of the old forum.

And now for the great news: the snapshot of the old TPCR forum has been added to the WayBack machine, and you can access it here or by clicking “Archive” at the top of the forum homepage. Try it!

A lot of the site works, if somewhat slowly. You can even direct-link to posts, so for example if you want to relive that feeling of reading that the site is going to close, go here. This also means that you can link to old but still helpful posts.

Thanks again to @Hifihedgehog for preserving the old forum and for hosting the new one! :clinking_glasses:


Many thanks for that work.