Galaxy Fold4 + Tab S8 Ultra or iPhone Mini 13 + M2 iPad Pro?

Basically right now, for one, I can’t figure out how to get Apple Photos to back up to Onedrive. I seriously can’t find the folder in Files, or find an option in the app. Let me know if you can help me there.

The other thing is I just had to ask you, offhand, if you think you’d buy a Fold4 + Tab S8 Ultra as your drivers over a 13 Mini + M2 12.9 — if these two combos were within $300 of each other. I think I’m about to take the risk and just pay the Clip Studio fee to get back on it. I think I have less than 24 hrs to decide, so I’ve been brilliant bringing this up now. Been agonizing over it for at least a month.

I think I really may need to leave the safety zone and take a chance on the Galaxies. I can’t stop thinking about how much I really did enjoy using CSP on the Tab S8 U every time I go to Best Buy.

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So what did you do in the end?

Meh, it looks like I’m staying with Apple. I guess I’m banking a lot on Procreate 5.3. CSP on iPad is more of an option now since it will have a hover cursor; it would finally match the desktop experience, more or less, between that and the 8bitdo mini controller becoming somewhat of the unofficial accessory for it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need apps like DaVinci Resolve in the next 2-3 years, but it’s nice to know there are these other powerful one-time payment apps just in case.

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