Companion Smartphone for 2023 - Round 2

Those of you who are easily amused at my ever changing signature have noticed the demise of the “MacOS for iPad Pro” moniker and the “iPad Pro 11” in the device list. I still have the iPP11 sitting on my desk at home for reading and photo/video editing, but its not making the commute to the office anymore.

I have given up on the quest for MacOS on the iPad because I have been convinced by higher authorities in these matters that it will never happen BECAUSE Apple’s ultimate goal is to “iPadify” MacOS. I have also come to the conclusion that as between Windows 11 and MacOS, Windows 11 is hands down better for business workloads (yay for snap and hierarchical file storage).

I also still struggle with my VOIP business phone provider, almost to the point of porting my number out of RingCentral to a second SIM in my phone or a separate second phone (YUK!).

So I want to refocus my energy on the truly needed pairing - where will I head in search of the best smartphone to pair with my SP8? Of course Apple has a bruising lead in this category given my family connectivity (well documented elsewhere around here) and need for a good camera. Still I watch more than a few of you Androiding (with Duo, Duo2, Note, Folds) and still wonder how I could get to that level integration with Windows 11.

It’s going to be a hot-mess battle this year, with a Pixel Fold on the horizon; Fold 5 with possibly a real zoom camera and S-pen silo; and iPhone 15 Ultra with its own zoom camera and (FINALLY) USB-C.


FWIW, I’m still quite pleased w/ my Samsung Galaxy Book 12, matching Galaxy Note 10+, and my Kindle Scribe has swayed me to purchase a Wacom One graphics screen tablet to use w/ my MacBook — this will be something of a recreation of the high-water-mark of my graphical computing experience:

  • a NeXT Cube w/ a Wacom ArtZ graphics tablet
  • NCR-3125 running Go Corp.'s PenPoint
  • Newton MessagePad

So I’ll be back to being able to use the same stylus to interact w/ all my devices (I would use a Wacom stylus on my Newton’s resistive display).

I’d give my interest in ■■■■ for the KS to have Newton Intelligence and a decent scheduling/calendar app (if Amazon had any sense they’d persuade Microsoft to port Outlook to it) and a note-taking system which afforded handwriting recognition and vector graphics (say something like FutureWave SmartSketch)

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“Round 2” of the longest, most inconclusive topic on the old board. :scream_cat:

Keep Trying! You’ll Get It Someday



No guts no glory!

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

Yes, but I have ALREADY made the decision (conditional logic) - it’s the iPhone 15 Ultra UNLESS the Fold 5 has a siloed S-Pen, then it will be Android try number 3, 4, 5…20? can’t remember which…

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Maybe they’ll wow us with Duo3? A dark horse.

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Well, I’ll give the Duo 3 a look - but no promises they’ll break the path


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Have to admit, the rumored teardrop folding screen design (eliminating the crease) is intriguing, and it does offer the convenience of the same pen for both it and my Surface Pro 8…

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@nyb72 I vote for this as the TPCR post of the year. Absolutely epic!! :vb-lol:

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Man, I was honestly debating this myself and then Apple came out with Advanced Data Protection and scrapped CSAM.

Meanwhile Microsoft won’t let me get rid of my CSAM scanned Onedrive and privacy is worse than ever in Windows 11.

Note I didn’t even bring up security in Android. The days when I could root and harden my Motorola Droid are long gone.

So……sigh. Apple it is for a while. Maybe Microsoft will start taking privacy seriously. :face_with_peeking_eye: