Draft is being edited in another window

I’m not sure what “default” is anymore. None of the settings say “default”. Here are my settings:

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Thanks. That’s the default. At this point, I am thinking it is probably a theme component and not any of the themes.

So this is back for me with a vengeance this morning. I’ve seen it on Mac, iPad and Windows. Important caveat is that they all are connected via a 5G verizon hotspot device.

Interesting. I haven’t updated anything since the last post in this thread. I was told it is often theme component related, so it could be something to do with the static CSS, HTML, and JS scripts that drive one of those. That or this: if you leave the same window open on one device as other(s) (even minimized and in sleep), I have seen this behavior occur. I believe this last one is expected behavior since it is asking you as the user which device’s edit session takes precedence among your concurrent sessions.

I thought about that as I was using multiple devices. though not at the same time and the others were powered off.

It does occur to me though that I have all of them set to auto login to the site. Perhaps a lag in recognizing login /activity/disconnect behavior?

And to further my point, just now. I posted, then went to link in a post and then returned to create another post and when I do that. i repeatedly get the draft message. Where as if I close out of the site completely, no issues. EDIT: just to clarify, I only have tried this on my Pro 8 as it’s the only system I have the rest of today.

PS: @Hifihedgehog welcome to my world of weird, hard to reliably replicate, issues. :laughing:

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