Draft is being edited in another window

iPad, Safari, using OSK. After a while creating or editing a post, this pop-up interrupts:

I usually click ignore and I can go back to writing, though the edit space gets minimized and sometimes the more recent text or other input (e.g. image) is missing.

Saw this on another forum I frequent — it was supposed to have been fixed there by updating the forum software on the server.

I’ve had this issue as well, most frequently with a mac running Safari. I remember reading somewhere that this was a common thing with discord based forums and is at least partially due to flaky internet connections

I was wondering if that might be it. My cell service does fluctuate from time to time out here in the boondocks. Sounds like it might be timing out a little too hastily, typical of software written by those with unwaveringly good connections. :roll_eyes:

yeah our VPN refreshes the iP address every 10 minutes so if I leave the window open, I get it frequently

I have been updating Discourse regularly from its upgrades dashboard and generally multiple times throughout the week. It was just updated yesterday so the error could have been introduced in an update, or it could be ongoing. @Dellaster, when did this bug begin?

@Dellaster, this seems to be an ongoing bug that blips in and out depending on the release. I reported it and hope it gets fixed once and for all.


Thanks, it’s been ongoing about as long as the other issue that Joe posted about. Month and a half maybe?

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That’s an idea. This issue seems to stem more into server-client connections while the other issue seems to be more of an issue with read history (i.e. you should be directed to your last read post in a discussion), but timing could be the tell-all. If there is a common thread here, perhaps there could be an issue with how user data is sent and written to the backend database on the server where it is not reliably superseding or updating all older preexisting user data across all scopes and schemas? For example, the server might be properly marking down your last read post for the dividing line that @JoeS noted since its associated record is updated in the database, but it may not be fully committed across all areas of the forum’s backend database, such as the area of the database pertaining to the mechanism for indicating to the user’s browser to load directly on their last read post in that topic thread.


@JoeS, @Dellaster, @Desertlap, and anyone else who has hit this snag, could you visit TabletPCReview Forum and let me know if you can still reproduce the draft bug? The safe mode view is temporary and local to the tab session you do it in and is perfectly harmless. I need this done to rule out if it is Discourse or not. If you can’t reproduce the bug in safe mode, then it is a plug-in or theme component that is causing the issue which will require further digging.

Edit testing…

Okay, I can’t seem to reproduce it in Safe Mode.


Yuck, in safe mode the upvotes are little hearts, I forgot about that. :joy:


@Hifihedgehog I opened a bunch of ‘recent’ post links (like twenty of them), and they all scroll to the correct last post in safe mode. I’ll keep it on for a while longer though to make sure.

FWIW personally I haven’t ever seen the “in another window” bug.

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This is a test…

So no sign of the “draft” message, but the emoji bug is back where you can’t actually insert an emoji in the original post, but have to go back and edit it to do so.

This was happening early and went away, but seems to be back, for me anyway. Tested on Safari Mac and Edge Windows 11

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Oh wow, I’ve been seeing that too, just too rarely to report it. @Hifihedgehog did we recently thank you for running this site?? :raised_hands:t2: :pray:t2:


Just realized, when you open a link in a background tab (ctrl-click), you’re out of safe mode, so that’s not a good way to test it. And even then the “scroll to wrong post bug” didn’t reproduce, take that as you will. :grimacing:

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Oh, yeah, I get that too.

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So on the scroll position issue, tried many links but couldn’t get it to reproduce in safe mode. Turned off safe mode, could reproduce after maybe eight attempts, and a second time after a few more.

Could it be related to the more detailed rendering of the suggested threads? It’s one major difference I see in the thread views that could cause some delay.

Safe mode: no embedded images

Full mode: embedded images


It appears to be a theme component issue. Are you on a different theme other than the default? We are using a blend of theme components which according to Discourse is very likely the culprit:

If it isn’t a specific theme to blame, I have a hunch it is either “Discourse Clickable Topic” or “Topic List Previews” in the theme components.

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These are my settings:


Nothing fancy.

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FWIW I’m using the “light” theme on all my devices, simply because I find it more pleasant to look at, but not customization or tweaks.

Also @Hifihedgehog definitely anecdotal, but I was unintentionally using private browsing in edge yesterday and I saw some odd cache and cookie behavior where they weren’t being updated/cleared like they should.

Can’t say for sure, if that has anything to do with anything but thought I’d pass it along

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