Continuation of "Zbook X2 Just Announced" thread

That’s an admirable approach Steve, you’ve certainly been very informative in everything I’ve read and without people with your attitude, the rest of us would we worse off!

For me, a computer is primarily a tool, so although I like to be as informed as practical about what’s going on and willing to change, I only tend to do it when I can see a good reason for doing so.

On that basis, I was quite pleased when MS declared Win 10 its ‘last OS’. Not that I don’t want to see improvements, just favour stuff that really helps get things done reliably. As you might imagine, running phone apps on a PC isn’t high on my list!

I do still have some x86 software, including the one I’m about to use to diagnose my car, so I think it’ll be Win 10 for the foreseeable!

Incidentally, I wrote this by replying directly to the email notification, so it’s good to see that works nicely, when there’s no time to go online and reply.

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Just a FYI, 32-bit x86 programs work as well on Windows 11 as they did on Windows 10. :vibing_cat:

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Thanks @Dellaster, that’s good to know. Do you know is compatibility mode is still part of Win 11?

@incredulous : Yes. I had to adjust compatibility on one of my apps after I migrated. Not sure if it had all the previous parameter options, though. It worked OK…

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Thanks @SteveS, that’s also good to know - now if I Win 11 allowed me to put my taskbar at the top, you might have tempted me to give it a go!!

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Hello fellow X2 users.

I run my DreamColour machine in hybrid graphics mode, to improve battery life and reduce the temperature of the display, which makes drawing more pleasant. I’ve managed to come up with an acceptable .icc profile and intel graphics settings for daily use and if I need calibrated colour, switch it back.

Here’s the rub though and where I’m hoping someone can help:-
Every time I reboot, the HP DreamColour Assistant kicks in and changes the colour profile. I always end the task in task manager, which stops it happening after every time the machine wakes from sleep, but I don’t know how to disable DreamColour Assistant from boot - I assume it’s a registry key, but I’m not confident to go experimenting!

Does anyone else run the same setup and know how it’s done?