Any U.S. Veterans here? AAFES has a big sale on the Surface and accessories



Saving on sales tax helps the deal along quite a bit.


The military bundles are usually pretty good. I’ve gone that route in the past (camera bundle). As to the accessories link, you need to login to see the prices and they’re mostly less than impressive. Very few are actually discounted and some of those…

You see this stuff all too often:

No tax does help even if it’s MSRP. If there’s no real sale going on somewhere.

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Among other purchases, I’ve been taking advantage of their VERY frequently offered Microsoft 365 Family sales for a few years. I prepay for a full year for typically $49 – once for as little as $29.


Same here, although I was just going to eat the price increase after one year. Where do I look for cheap renewals? Do you need to cancel and reorder to get those?

Just buy another one HERE.

Once you’re inside 3 months remaining you just login to your Microsoft account, go HERE
and enter the code.

I have turned off “auto renew” just to be same.

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@rabmsn Thanks, I didn’t even notice I was posting the Veterans thread. Note to self: read before posting. I’ll keep an eye out for “civilian discounts” and make sure to apply those close to the renewal date. :+1:t2:

Good sale on the base model iPad Pro 11 128GB M1:

I couldn’t resist $599, no taxes, free shipping.

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I’ve never had this happen before. I got an email saying my order was on hold and they required that I call for further verification over the phone. I had to verify my name, shipping address, and prove that I have a valid connection to the military. My VA medical member number satisfied them. Just so you know. Apparently there’s been a problem with people hijacking accounts to get the deals so this is now standard practice, probably when it goes over a certain amount.

How Sucky those Pro 8 bundles don’t have thee Slim Pen 2, but the older Surface pens.

A cost reduction/profit enhancement that most people won’t notice. :frowning_face:

Just my luck, this is the first time the exchange has sent a package to me via UPS instead of FedEx or USPS and I happen to be where the UPS delivery is awful. It can take a few extra days if they don’t feel like bringing it all the way out here to the remote National Park. They do things such as mark it delivered with the admin’s signature, which annoys her no end, and actually get out here with it a day or two later. Or like yesterday, mark down that a delivery attempt was made but the business was closed and I get the email an hour before the “business”—the Park Visitor Center which is definitely open—closes then the time cited is moved up later on tracking to a more believable time.

The chief law enforcement ranger warned me it was bad when I accepted the volunteer position again this year so I shouldn’t complain when he’s proven correct. It’s just terrible luck that the iPad is coming UPS. :anger:

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My purchase of an M1 Mac Mini on Swappa is going sour (seller issues) so when looking for alternatives last night I put one in my ShopMyExchange cart, an 8/512 M1 Mac Mini at $150 off, free shipping, no tax as usual. I wake up this morning, make myself a double latte, sit down and check out of curiosity and see… $300 off! New M1 Mac Mini 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD for $599?! I completed the buy even though I would prefer one with 16GB. But they don’t have that SKU and I am fed up (again) with Swappa/eBay sellers/buyers.

Anyway, here’s the link:

photo evidence in case it goes away quickly

Edit: 8 hours later I look and it’s SOLD OUT.


Egads. I am having bad luck with the Mac Mini. The Swappa deal went sour (but is now resolved) and now this great Exchange sale from last Friday was firstly slow, with estimated shipping this coming Friday, and just a while ago I got an email saying shipping by the vendor is delayed till the 24th! Three weeks after ordering! Then whatever time actual transit of the package will take.

I don’t know what vendor they’re using but I no longer trust that they’ll ship it at all. I wouldn’t be the first Exchange customer to suddenly get an order canceled even though it was days after initiation.

I got lucky to find the same SKU refurbished at Apple – they have been out of stock for the past week, all M1 SKUs — so I grabbed it with the veteran discount. $135 more than the exchange deal when taxes are added, but at least I know I’ll get it on the 10th (assuming the delivery guy feels like it). Coincidently that’s the same price I was gonna pay at Swappa for a used one with a month warranty left. This has a full 1 year warranty like new.

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All’s well that ends well… I hope! BTW ever since visiting that veteran’s site I’m been getting a daily spam message related to veterans. The spam lords are all-seeing. :fearful:

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FYI, iPad Air M1 256GB $549 ($200 off).

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NEX, the Navy EXchange, has an iPad Pro sale. Looks like all M1 models $210 off. No tax, free shipping. ($10 less than the last Army Exchange deal that I used; no rivalry here :smile_cat:)

Active military, veterans, family thereof qualify but need verification during sign up. The service doesn’t need to be Navy.


Microsoft 365 Family Military 2021

12 month subscription now on sale for $49.99


The 256GB M1 iPad Air for $549.00, no tax free shipping. Unlike the 64GB version this one will work with the iPadOS 16 Stage Manager and everything.

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And now perhaps the best non-demo deal ever for a Surface device:

Maxed-out SLS for $1799.00, no tax, free shipping. That’s 2TB SSD, 32GB RAM, and RTX 3050ti. $1300 savings off of MSRP.

This one will sell out quickly, I bet. But there are other Surface deals going on, too, either $100, $200, or $300 off.


If it had Wacom EMR, and one could select text in a natural fashion, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

If it’s possible to put Linux on it, I might have to get one.

From past experience, I would say that even if you got it it working in Linux the pen would be very unsatisfactory compared to on Windows.

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