[CANCELLED] FOR SALE - Surface Pro 8 i5/16gb/1tb/4g LTE With Warranty, Keyboard & Slim Pen

Thanks to @JoeS I’ve uncanceled the SP8 sale:

I’d like to explain why - I took the sale down because I felt it was just going to result in another thread of why or why not pick M$ over Apple, so I would just take it to eBay for $1199…HOWEVER…eBay now captures 13.25% of your purchase price - so if I’m going to suffer that kind of haircut I thought I’d let my friends here take a second look at the $999 price I posted originally.

So I’ll leave it here this week for your consideration…

Microsoft Complete Care Until 01/19/2025!

  1. This is a Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11 Pro, i5-1145G7, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4g LTE, and includes the MS Type Cover with Slim Pen 2. I installed the 1tb SSD - many thanks to @cbutters for his YouTube tutorial. It is the same Toshiba based ssd used by MS, and you’ll also get the original 256gb ssd to swap out with the 1tb for warranty service (you’ll need a Torx T3 screwdriver - very small)

  2. Used, but in great condition and it is covered by Microsoft Complete until 01/19/2025.

  3. Images:

  1. $999 plus actual shipping and insurance (if paid with PayPal friends and family)

  2. PayPal

  3. Will ship by Priority Mail (flat rate box) plus $1000 insurance (estimated to be around $30)

  4. Feed back for reference: eBay dkstrauss (349/100%) and multiple TPCR sales

  5. This device is in excellent condition, and as noted previously you will have 16 months of Microsoft Complete warranty service. I hate to let it go, but I need to commit to my Apple overlords and that won’t happen until I ditch the crutches.

Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify “Best Offer” or “Nearest Offer”. If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.


Ha ha ha!

That’s a very nice offer, however…

If you feel the need to cut ties in order to ‘succeed’ in the walled garden, I think that implies the walled garden is gonna drive you nuts.

In all the creepy little ‘Dark Utopia’ stories, (“The Giver” and “Brave New World”, being two of the preeminent examples), the reader is forced to question the preferred method for keeping people satisfied within, and uninterested in peering at the world beyond the walls. Generally, it entails some form of lobotomy.

I’ve never heard of anybody who knows this buttoning down their collars and shuffling their resumes in the hopes that they’ll be allowed in. Usually, Apple grows their adherents from fetuses. Actual conversion rates among experienced adults tend to be very low.

But you do you, man.

My prediction?

In six months to a year at the outside, you’ll be dusting off your credit card, (if Apple still allows you unrestricted access to your finances), in order to pick up the latest new and shiny bit of forbidden tech, sans fruit logo.

Bets, anyone?


I would like to think that in a year we’ll finally get that MacPad which so many of us want — that said, a Raspberry Pi 4 w/ Wacom One 13 (Gen 1) Wacom EMR screen has been doing well for testing, so my exit strategy is just switching to Linux.

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Deleted…will take the discussion of M$ vs. Apple elsewhere.Let’s just keep this to comments/questions about the SP8…

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That added MS Complete coverage makes this a great deal. Should give any buyer peace of mind to know that accidental damage (right?) will be covered for the coming 16 months! Well, that, and all the included goodies.

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Dale’s stuff is great. My daughter has one of his earlier Pro 8s and it was pristine. Wish I had another kid for this Pro 8.


If you have a kid for every dstraussed device, you will be a busy man.


OK you clowns - enough - surely somebody around here has a college age student ready to graduate from a Chromebook… :vb_agree:

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I would be all over this, but I got my SP9 like six weeks ago off Swappa :sob:


This is more or less what I wanted to post, but you beat me to it.

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Oh man, that LTE is tempting. But all my kids are already using devices we got off the forum. And I just got the Ally.


This looks like a great deal - too bad I just got one a couple months back. For those on the fence, I love my SP8 and highly recommend this setup !

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I have cancelled because I’m keeping it and moving back to it for work - more info to follow this weekend (I hope).

Great. Now I can collect on my over and under from MGM Bets. The vegas line had you at 15 days.

That is, until the release of “The legend of the surface pro 8 sale: the re-uncancelling returns!”

Ain’t NO WAY you thought I’d last this long! Turns out I was having serious problems with my billing and client management software (old Windows stuff) and just too much hassle to run Parallels for this old codger.

NOPE - my ultimate boss said NO MORE WASTING TIME - I’ve got chores for you to do!

Man, did I cause confusion or what. Keeping the SP8 for the work stuff - still in the Apple camp for personal stuff -

Sounds like the perfect setup. I’ve got my SLS for work, and iPad and iPhone for personal stuff. What’s not to like?

:+1: :+1: