Adventures in Linux

Continuing from the archived “Going Linux?” topic on the old, defunct TPCR.

Surprisingly, once again we don’t have a topic for general Linux discussion.So here it is.

Nope, no current adventures in Linux for me. I don’t have a device that’s a decent candidate (I tried on my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 long ago and it wasn’t fun—it was never popular enough to get a complete, fully functional Linux build).

But I have been looking forward to trying Asahi Linux, a native Apple Silicon project, once it gets out of the alpha stage. Alas, I discovered yesterday that my M2 Pro Mac mini has very little progress—there’s nothing to install even if I was in a super adventurous mood. Everything’s been focused on plain M1/M2 and a little M1 Pro/Max.

From Feature Support · AsahiLinux/docs Wiki · GitHub

Oh well, I’ll continue throwing a donation their way from time to time and hope for the future. Maybe it’ll go fast once their devs actually get an M2 Pro Mac mini to work with? We’ll see.

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Been happy with my Fedora setup for my htpc nuc for years now. I can barely notice it’s an older cpu & streaming video at 1080p works great.

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Speaking of Fedora, I had a good experience with it during my most recent adventure in Linux.

And now…

In a surprise announcement we learn that Asahi Linux and the folks at Fedora have been working on a joint project. The first official Fedora Asahi Remix release is expected the end of August. I imagine it’ll still be in rough shape so I won’t be holding my breath. I’ll wait till they finish reverse engineering the Apple Silicon graphics (etc.) well enough to run Steam Proton acceptably. That’s going to be fun!