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The upcoming Sonic Hedgehog open-world game

Sonic Frontiers - Announce Trailer - YouTube

… on a board created by (Sonic) @Hifihedgehog ?!


You know you want it. :smile_cat:

Will it run on the SP8? That’s the question.

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I do! Haha! With the eGPU in my signature, it most certainly will. I have been playing Jedi Fallen Order swimmingly on my Pro 8 with the eGPU, to the point that it makes me seriously consider retiring my desktop and creating the ultimate convergence battle station! This gets me thinking, and this is a different topic, but Alder Lake is probably will be quite good in mobile, around double the multicore performance we are seeing with the current crop. The desktop parts’ stock settings are a bit of a red herring, because Intel pushed well outside of the ideal range of their voltage-frequency curve as an ultimate power move (pun intended) against AMD.

As one Redditor noted, if you drop the Alder Lake-S desktop flagship processor Core i9 12900K by 40% in defined power envelope (putting it in parity in power draw on AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X at 150W), they still maintain 90% of the multicore performance (meaning nearly a tie with AMD here) and all of the single core performance (which currently beats AMD by 20% here!). Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio are nice as far as peripheral updates that have been sorely needed, but Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop Studio 2 with Alder Lake will be the ultimate comeback in performance in my estimation. I sure love my Surface Pro 8, but I think the Surface Pro 9 will be a huge jump in performance, in the same vein that the Surface Pro 6 was from the 2017/Pro 5 in multicore performance.

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Using an eGPU is cheating. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least spare me one Deus ex Machina… :rofl:

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Thank God my SLS order shows no signs whatsoever of progressing :upside_down_face:

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Why don’t you cancel the Provantage order and try ITsavvy? I know, I know, you’re enjoying the wait more😜

I’m torn between “I didn’t need it to begin with” and “it’s already almost outdated with Alder Lake on the horizon” :sweat_smile: