A variation sort of, on LG's dual up

I know nothing about the company or the specifics of the hardware involved but based on this and the specs they list, this looks quite intriguing and has potential if marketed to the right customers.

I do wonder about the hinge design though, looks great in the images but I wonder about both actual real-world operation especially durability.

This dual monitor shows even displays have jumped on the foldable trend - The Verge

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It’s interesting and possibly of use to some people. But why does it fold? It’s hardly something that’s portable, even folded. So why? :vb-confused2:

I’d rather get:

I think this is more about upsizing the fold or Duo than anything. Of course the skeptic in me first reaction was that it’s a solution in search of a problem.

BTW: We’ve been told by multiple reliable sources that the Dual Up has been a big hit, significantly outselling LGs most optimistic projections.

I’m definitely considering one of the dual up’s for my office system, when I update the rest of it later this year

Fascinating. I thought it would gain minor niche popularity at best, even though it makes me drool despite having no use for it. :vb-head-over-heels:

Now if the lower portion has pen support… But then crowdfunding kill every possible interest.

Of the many crowdfunding screen discussion threads on old forum, only one didn’t ended up vaporware, and even then it suffered less than stellar aftermarket support because limited funding. Unless the company had a good track record ( like GPD), I don’t trust any hardware crowdfunding projects.

Surprisingly most of the stuff that ended up vaporware in previous forum were monitor with pen support, I also see a lot of copy cat project of them that collect hundred thousand dollar, one prototype to the reviewer then radio silence. It’s like those scammers are targeting pen screen users as potential target.

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Yeah my boss’s whole feeling on anything kickstarter is that the more appealing it is, is directly correlated with the likelihood that it will never ship.


It feels like a “Why would anyone even want thi- AAAAnd it blew past their projections by 1000%” situation

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