LG Gram Foldable


I noticed that LG has released a 17” foldable laptop in Korea. It will probably be released in several Asian countries but still up in the air for Europe and the U.S.

It seems very similar to the HP, but at least $1,000 less. Not sure about pen support.


Yeah, I saw it mentioned on Ars, who led with a nice pun:

Looks quite nice!

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I like the low weight of 1.25 kg.

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Haven’t seen if it supports a pen though.

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Does support a pen, and while it is only sold in Sth Korea, you can now get some on Ebay (shipped from Korea) for $3,800 which is way better than the $5,000 equivalent HP Spectre.


Interesting but still too expensive considering new announcements of dual screen laptops (eg Asus Zenbook Duo) which are supposed to be much cheaper on launch.

Ps: Funny enough so far dual screen Windows laptops seem to have the edge (opposite of Android where dual screens failed spectacular). Seems like MS bet on the wrong device (Duo instead of a Neo-like device).


The dual screen interest among Windows users is probably because they view their devices as productivity tools, while Android users see them as entertainment devices.