New LG Gram + View portable display, 16 inch 16:10 QHD

We just got one of these in yesterday. Hard to tell if it’s perhaps too niche to sell well enough and might be smaller and/or pricier than the market will warm to.

OTHO it’s a superb display overall with very good accuracy overall (especially linearity, which can be an issue in smaller relatively high resolution displays)

No touch support at this time, though we hear LG is considering a touch enabled version

The included "“stand/cover” is very iPad like.

OTOH if you have a mid level iPad or Samsung Tablet, it would be redundant for most since those can also be used as a secondary display, with the added bonus of wireless.

LG 16” LG gram +view IPS Portable Monitor (16MQ70.ADSU1) | LG USA


Thinking maybe a display for one of those new Windows ARM boxes? Pocket/Stick PC?

For the ARM boxes yes, but for the stick pcs it draws too much power. It pulls a full 8 watts in normal use.

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If I had two of these, along with my Go2, I could hang out in a North Jersey Starbucks with @darkmagistric and his rig. :vb-agree: That would be worth it at twice the price.

Back to reality for a second … no touch? No OLED? 8watt draw? C’mon LG.


No pen, no touch? That’s kinda boring. Probably for those who need color accuracy, and 2.5k resolution is nice for that price.

I don’t know about 8w, but my 15.6" XP pen and Atom pc stick can both be plugged into common compact 10000 mah powerbank and run from it as a semi portable rig ( if you don’t count the huge mess of cables and if the LG had 2 USB-C port for power and data). The LG didn’t have touch or pen, which isn’t quite suitable for that kind of setup, as you can’t use touch keyboard or pen as mouse in a pinch.

It’s still a big mess to carry around and Atom performance doesn’t worth it. Let’s see how those ARM pc stick fare.

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Weel considering that LG demoed it with PhotoShop and Illustrator you can guess who they are targeting. It is a very nice display though.

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Fact is, most portable USB-C Monitor’s have garbage color/screen quality. That’s part of the allure of Sidecar/SuperDisplaying an iPad/TabS7/8 for monitor purposes since you get all “Premium features” High color quality display, high res, 600+ nit brightness, pen/touch, built in battery, and all in a thin device to boot.

This monitor does look nice, wish it had a battery, but I am glad its at least higher then 1080 res, its not 4K, but the $300-ish price range is still ruled by 1080p monitors, so even a slight bump is appreciated.

Yes, but because it’s negotiating between two different systems (and all their constituent gubbins), there’s latency and the full colour accuracy usually has to be sacrificed somewhat to help make up for that.