Geminos - dual stacked monitor

I’m going to go ahead and tag our resident monitor maniac @darkmagistric as this may be something worthy to add to his desk monument.

Have you guys heard of the Geminos “dual stacked monitor”?

At first, I thought it was just a unique x2 portable monitor design, but to my surprise it was actually two giant 24" screens!

The stand seems remarkably elegant and ergonomic for such large displays, while keeping the inner bezel thin and overall cost quite affordable at $700.

For comparison, the traditional vertical layout would require a dedicated monitor arm and extensive setup:

Official specs and pics:

Screen size 24" x2
Screen type IPS
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Dimension 20" x 22"
Weight 20 lbs
Energy Consumption 35W total
Brightness 250N
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Resolution 1080p
Connections & expansions 2 x USB-A, 2x USB-C, 2x HDMI ports, Audio out, Ethernet, TF and SD card slots

What impresses me the most is these kinds of 1st-gen niche products are often hackjobs solutions, while this has a level of design finish with a sense of ease of adjustability and portability.

Heck, I could even see the ever-intrepid @darkmagistric shlepping this to his local cafe. (Please take pictures when you do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


Very cool product, but 1080p at 24"? :scream:

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I should probably also add there is an upcoming version called the Geminos X, with 1440p/75Hz res and higher 300nit brightness for $850.

(The Verge)


and which adds touch:

Geminos X is touchscreen, Geminos is not touchscreen. Geminos is made from 2x 24” displays, where LG is 2X 21.5” displays. Also LG does not allow the screens to pivot nor does it include a docking station or web cams.


Yeah another good point. I was ready to make a snarky comment like “I too like to have my mixer faders at shoulder height”, but then I realized this wasn’t a touch setup.

So with 1440p and touch, it’s getting close to something I want. With pen support in the bottom panel it’d be the perfect markup/presentation setup.


Thanks for the shoutout, I’ve actually been aware of this product for a while now. Glad to see its on sites like B&H.

Currently I don’t have much of a need for this but I love the concept.

Between work and home I have 5 dual vertical monitor mounts. (work would never pay for this)

Now if they offered a mobile size one with a built in battery…I guess like the dual monitor equivalent of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i, that I would totally buy. And yes, take it to coffee shops.


Ummm, that’s fine. Not the best, but perfectly fine.

Now 27", then I’d question it and 32" only for very cheap televisions.

I was going to say “agree to disagree”, but then I checked and it has the same DPI as the monitor I’m using. :joy: I just remember that 1080p was only borderline acceptable on my X220t, but turns out at typical viewing distances of like 2ft it’s OK.

No, think your point was valid. The bottom screen can sit much closer than a typical monitor (almost at drawing monitor distance) so a higher DPI is relevant, especially for text rendering.

Also agree about the pen input. I’ve messaged Mobile Pixels both on Kickstarter and their website yo ask about the possibility of adding MPP support.


It’s not a drawing monitor though, and the 1080p version doesn’t even have touch.

At 24", you have to concentrate and almost have your nose on the screen to really see the individual pixels. Text isn’t the sharpest, especially logographic writing, but it’s fine.

And 1080p is more power efficient.

I’m not sure what the issue is considering that there’s a higher resolution version too.

A higher resolution version with touch and current generation Wacom EMR would convince me to re-arrange my workspace to fit it — just spoiled by a 27" monitor w/ 4K and my Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360.

I really wish Wacom wouldn’t worry so much about competing w/ the Cintiq line and would make a nicer version of the Wacom One. w/ touch and a brighter screen.

One minor consideration for those that might consider these. We haven’t formally tested any of them , but we have a customer that has purchased a few.

They seem to be multisourcing the panels they use. The issue with that would be things like calibration for production work. Fortunately they aren’t mixing panels within the same device and the two I’ve seen had good (but not great ) panels.

I do like the companies business approach and they were very responsive to our technical inquiries


Without touch and pen, it seems very niche.
With those features it would be compelling, without…, who needs this?

People on the move and/or live in small spaces who do things that benefit from multiple monitors?

Just because you can’t think of a reason, doesn’t mean there aren’t significant ones out there and in significant number.

If mobile workstations sell and have done so for years, then this has a decent market.

Its almost the same price at the Geminos, but monitor maker Lepow is making a mobile version with Dual 15.6 inch monitors. But also with Pen and Touch


To save folks from searching, from the FAQ:

DualViews supports an active capacitive stylus MPP1.51.


The Changingtouch monitor is also an excellent portable monitor and very cost-effective! It’s a lapdock that looks like a laptop, equipped with a keyboard and touchpad, and is also suitable for gaming and graphic design programs, with particularly good compatibility! Full metal body, lightweight design, suitable for any scenario! Limited time offer of $200!

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This thing would be in my hands if it was pen active and I had any freakn dollars to invest in it or myself.
Someone took all the money and is currently turning it into robots.
You know that right?
All this tech is going to be to be useless, as humans will only interfere with most tasks.
All this will become as redundant as your fleshy brains.