Windows 11 Surface Go 2

Has the battery life improved in Windows 11? I tried it months ago but went back to Windows 10 over the battery life. My SG2 is a M3 LTE model. thanks Larry

I have the same model but I’m still on 10.

I have an M3 Wifi and it improved some - I use mine for marking up documents around the house and don’t ever push the battery to the limits, but it improved from 10 to 11, for sure.

Interesting. The OP was asking if it improved from “11 then” to “11 now”, but I guess your experience is that 11 is better than 10.

Now that you say it, I guess I chalk it up to primacy/recency of memory. You are right, at first, I did not think Windows 11 was that great on battery. But, it has really improved, so I suppose I called Windows 11 now, windows 11 - period.

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I guess it’s time to try W11 again. Thanks to everyone for the information. Larry

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Let us know what you think. Maybe it’ll motivate me to update.

Before you take the plunge, maybe have one last glance at missing features in Win 11, and decide if any of those are critical.

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