Six months in

So this was an interesting viewpoint put forward from one of the OEMs yesterday when we were meeting with a major customer. The assertion was the experience and satisfaction (or lack thereof) at this point was the biggest predictor of future purchase of devices in their ecosystem.

He claimed that Apple had figured this out a long time ago and even coordinates the OS updates, with big feature changes around this time, with the idea of making the device still feel fresh. Or Samsung who typically around six months, makes a point of sending out things like offering discounted accessories around the same time.

He also said that 6 months was well past (or should be) any launch issues or bugs as well as any manufacturing hardware defects.

I’m not sure I’m on all on board with this, but it is intriguing to think about.


I wouldn’t know - have trouble reaching that milestone…


Yeah, in your case, it’s more like six hours… :rofl: :rofl:


That was a SLOW day - I can name that computer in one key…

Hm, I’m not aware of any such thing from Microsoft after six months of Surface Pro 8 & SLS. The Android subsystem preview did come out about 6 months after Win11 released, however (woo … hoo).

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They ARE working hard on watermarking your screen pages if you have an unauthorized device running Windows 11 :roll_eyes: