PC sales are (way) down but tablet sales are holding their own (ZD NET)

Perhaps more are realizing what we here have known for a long while :slight_smile:

PC sales are down, but tablets are holding up - here’s why | ZDNET


But in effect it is sad news for the non-Apple tablet market:

“Apple held onto its number-one spot in the tablet market, as it was responsible for shipping 19 million units and 46% of market share.”

They already OWN profitability greater then the rest of the combined market, and they hold nearly 50% of the market by volume…


I seem to remember reading somewhere a few years ago about the slumping of PC sales as people replace their tech less often, with current innovations being good enough to last a long time. It’s somewhat alluded to at the end of the article that they mention PC sales may pick up a bit as all the devices age that were bought at the start of the pandemic.

I know for my family, we bought my wife an Asus laptop somewhere around 6-7 years ago now, and a few couple ago when its hinge finally broke, we bought her a new one, but it still worked, so we just set it up as a permanently open computer for our kids to learn typing on. The trackpad broke yesterday, but instead of buying them another laptop for their school, we’re probably going to repurpose my old Lenovo Miix 700, as long as we can get it cleaned up and running fine.

Meanwhile, tablets are carrie around, used for entertainment and not intended to necessarily last as long, so they get purchased a little more regularly.


Definitely true for phones. I haven’t kept a phone as long as this iPhone 12 mini since the iPhone 4! (kept that beauty for 29 months, current 12 mini going on 22 months). Laptops instead I keep less and less long, thanks to this forum! :vb-grin:

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My phones tend to last 3 years on average. At least, in the last decade (3 phones, working on my 4th). Though I am disliking some of the bugginess of my Pixel 6, and if I find a decent 16:10 aspect ratio phone I’ll upgrade sooner.

For me, it’s the fact that anything of a reasonable quality costs an absolute arm/leg. It doesn’t help when tablet prices have slowly risen, with oems ‘thinking’ that people will still buy their yearly lazily created, overpriced kit.

It’s annoying.