When is the next big tech event?

Album art possible on the lock screen, another Windows Phone feature added. :slight_smile: Next up “Glance screen” please, which I’ve seen rumored as well. Maybe when the new iPhones come out, not announced today.

Don’t neglect the emoji lock screen!

And I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the iPhone PIP for anything. Letting the live presentation play in a corner while browsing the net.

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@Dellaster funny, I’m also using it on my iphone mini as one of the rare times.

Hm, there might be a hardware surprise after all.

I just bought a Mac mini so it’s gotta be that. An M2 Mac mini. :vb-agree:

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They’re talking about the M2, so you might be right :+1:t2:

Edit: first device is an M2 MacBook Air

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And MacBook Pro 13, both available in a month. Not the mini. I do plan to upgrade but not so soon! Whew, dodged the bullet.

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OMG the native weather app is coming to the iPad in iOS 16, hallelujah!

Introducing fast charge makes me believe we will see it for iPhones and iPads in the not too distant future.

Next Apple event rumored to happen on Sept 7:

The latest The Verge article on the next Apple event (coming in two weeks).

Expected changes to the iPhone Pro line

  • always-on display (2015 Lumia 950XL says hi)
  • bigger camera sensor
  • camera cutouts instead of a notch
  • faster (duh)

2010 Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 say hi. Well, the 2009 N86 before that even. And I’m sure there are even earlier examples.

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The MS Surface Event is scheduled for Wednesday October 12, three weeks from now.

Edit: already being discussed in the speculation thread