What’s your next planned device upgrade, and why?

I thought it might be nice to have a central place for discussing upcoming upgrades to your tech collection. Maybe it can be a last chance for us to tell you “don’t do it, it’s barely an upgrade!” or more likely, “doooo it… doooo it!

For me, the next upgrade will be to my iPad Pro 10.5 which is beginning to have touchscreen issues. It’ll likely be to an iPad Pro 11" 2022, provided Apple puts miniLED or better on it. I might even get a ‘magic’ keyboard (thanks, @James! :)) Downside: got to get a new pencil, and it’s going to be pretty expensive.

And the other pending upgrade: my X1 Tablet 3rd gen is getting long in the tooth with its i7-8650U. I might get a 2022 Surface Laptop Studio. Hoping for an easier SSD upgrade path and Alder Lake.

So… what’s your next planned or dreamed upgrade?

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My only planned upgrade is a larger SSD for my SLC. But there’s no hurry; I can wait till the prices drop further on PCIe gen 3 SSDs.

This is the first time in a long while that I’m completely satisfied with my device collection. I’m not feeling a need for anything else or different. It might be partially due to burnout since I switched things around four or five times last year. :roll_eyes:

Congratulations on your state of Zen. I can only wish to achieve that one day. :raised_hands:t2: Fun fact, I still have the Hynix Gold 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen3 M.2 2280 that I ordered for the never-arriving SLS. I’m thinking HODL.

Honestly, probably a new Garmin Edge if they ever put one out with USB-C, I’ve been feeling the limitations of my Karoo 2.

Not a tablet or phone but it’s likely next on my list.


Oh, this is a fun topic! I currently have a few tabs open researching the Surface Go 3. My “new” little Galaxy Book 10.6 is reminding me how much I love this size device. But with only 4GB RAM, this thing gets bogged down sometimes. I need to have too much stuff open at once when teaching. It’s the same problem I ran into with the Yogabook c930 that I liked so much. I’d love to have a little 10" machine with MOAR RAM, preferably 16GB, but that’s just not going to happen. I’m also considering the Galaxy Tab S8, but I’m not sure if I want Windows or Android in a little tablet, there are pros and cons to each that kind of balance out in my usage.


Might be waiting a while with the current contamination issue, unfortunately.


Or jump in right now before the average reseller gets wind of any future consumer panic. For example that 2TB Hynix that I bought went DOWN in price by 15% since I purchased it last November. Only $208, pretty sweet.

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It’s a nice device. Four months since launch, so maybe see if there are decent discounts at one of the many US National holiday shopping day weekends.

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Not exactly a tablet, though I mostly use it like one. My phone, a Huawei Mate20X is 3 years old now. It’s actually plugging along pretty well considering almost 3 years of no software updates since the ban, but it’s probably going to be the next thing I need to upgrade.

Now, what I really want to do is upgrade it to an IPM6 and a Google Pixel 5a or some such cheaper phone. I don’t really like Samsung’s rounded edges, nor do I like paying over 1k for a phone that’s only going to last 2-3 years, and I’m not sold on their foldable either. The Duo 2 is also pretty pricy, and I’m not sure on the pen tech. Since the combination of the Pixel 5a and IPM6 would actually be cheaper and give me more screen real estate, I think it’s a good option overall. Plus, it gets me more devices!

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That took me a while. I was like “iPhone mini… 6?” :joy: But OK, iPad mini 6 with pen, and a cheapo phone. Could work! How about an iPM6 with and iPhone SE 2020? That way at least all the apps are compatible and you can airdrop things back and forth. The SE 2020 can be found used pretty cheap. Or wait for the SE3, which supposedly is not that far away.

So, I’m actually not a fan of IOS at all, and I’m desperately trying to hold out from buying an iPhone. I already caved and got the iPad Pro, then had to get a Macbook Pro for my job (which I now ironically use a Windows Virtual Machine on), but I really don’t like the software and file system, or lack thereof for most things. I just like the drawing with the apple pencil. It has been slightly tempting, just to deal with less compatibility issues, but I like Android a whole lot more.

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“Fund fact” indeed. :vb-wink:

That’s the one I’ll be watching for price drops. I was very pleased with my 1 TB version of that SSD. Unfortunately that was sold along with my Yoga 9i.

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Dang it, I wanted to give my wallet a rest. But you’re right, prices might go up considerably and stay there for a while, who knows how long. Ordered from Amazon at the $208 price.

NOW I don’t have any upgrades planned. :vibing_cat:

Sorry about that! :sweat_smile: This thread is dangerous… If it’s any consolation, it’s never been cheaper on Amazon.


This sounds so familiar - glad you are in a peaceful state - maybe by 2024 I’ll be able to upgrade to an iPhone Fold 1.0…

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Oh, one other option I’ve been thinking about, aside from my phone. The next device I want, assuming we don’t suddenly get a MacPad next year, is the next gen of IPP11. I have a 2020 12.9 that I use as my only art device. Been thinking about selling it and the magic keyboard and upgrading to an 11" model with the smaller magic keyboard, then maybe at some point investing in a Wacom style monitor to replace my aging monitor so it can dual as a monitor and bigger drawing area when I want it.

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It actually works out pretty well since I will receive the SSD on the day my return window expires. One of the reasons why I didn’t get the SSD right away was because I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t be returning it. Looks like that won’t be happening unless it explodes in the next five days. :exploding_head:

Edit: and even if the contamination event wouldn’t spike the prices too much (they’re guessing 10%), the panic caused by articles like the following might do the job:

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Same here! Half the reason I made this thread is to remind me to NOT buy one right now, because I keep forgetting I want miniLED or AMOLED. :slight_smile: Hope 2022 is the year the Pro 11 joins at least the miniLED lineup.

Probably an Asus X13 2022. The pen is probably going to be not great like the first version, but it’s still a pen. And the small reduction in size compared to the G14 makes it appealing.

A shame about the 2230 SSD. with no space for some mod to get a 2280 in there.

It’s really whether I want to get the dock with it for not, but that can be put off till a later date.

Other than that, the Boox Nova 3 Color is calling to me, but I’m wondering if they have anything planned for this year. And it is expensive for what it is.


@JoeS, Did you cancel the elusive Provantage order?