What is NIT Pen?

I know there is NTrig & AES.
But what is NIT? What brand or computer pen is this?
Is it the Dell pen?

Thank you

Never heard of it, where did you see this? Usually NIT is reserved for a brightness unit of “one candle power per square meter”.

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Sorry, I was mistaken on the NIT, it is AI. MMP, AES

What about AI protocol, what product?

I don’t see any AI mentioned in the product page (maybe aluminum?), it’s said to be dual MPP and AES protocol pen, sound pretty good. There is a list of devices compatible on the page and you need to check if your device is in the list. It’s safe to assume that any Surface could works, and many mainstream covertible from Lenovo, HP, Dell with pen support that is not Samsung might work with this pen.
Some Lenovo Android tablets might work with it as well, like the Lenovo tab P11/ P12 Pro.

If Amazon had generous return window and you have one of those mentioned devices, you could try it out.

Edit, you seem to be asking about this

A quick search show that WGP is a subset of AES 2.0 that support the Lenovo P11 plus, so AIT might be another subset protocol for more niche device? Google doesn’t bring up anything though.
@Desertlap do you know anything about those protocols?


Nothing to do with styluses, so all I can find that’s even remotely related is this: