AES/NTrig Pens

I have an old Bamboo Ink pen that switches between AES and NTrig via button press.

The tips finally wore out, the top button fell off long ago, and the pen battery compartment comes apart.

I think it is worn out.

Is there an automatic switching pen that does not require a button press for each device?

Thanks in advance.

Not to my knowledge. Wacom is the only one who produced Dual protocol pens, and both the 1st and 2nd gen of the INK pen required the button press.

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No others as far as I know.

Wacom AES is in only a small number of devices. Lenovo and Fujitsu use them, but that’s all as far as I know. So there’s been no real incentive for companies to make dual protocol pens, especially with MPP seemingly having become the de-facto standard for active pens.

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I found a pen that auto switches between AES and NTrig.
At least on my devices.
No need to press and hold the button and hope it switches.

It is the Bamboo Ink (Generation 2)
“Generation 2” is important, as I understand there are newer models that do not do this.
Why they did not advertise this is a mystery. Sure makes working on multiple devices easier than carrying around extra pens.
The body is all metal, it is similar in shape to the older Surface NTrig pens,
unlke the older Bamboo pen that was half plastic.

I have tried it on:
Surface Pro 3(Ntrig)
LG v60 phone(AES)
Yogabook c930(AES)
OneMix 8(NTrig)