Wacom UD EMR Stylus Compendium

Sorry I hope that didn’t come off as an insult to you, just me :slight_smile:

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Wacom One 2023 and Samsung S Pen Creator Edition added!

Somehow missed Kaweco and Pilot pens finally coming out!

@ragecandy, I hope your questions are answered and thanks for unintentionally spurring me to update the wiki!


I find it interesting this was such a niche sector with very few products and now that note taking on e-ink devices kinda blew up there’s a bajillion pens to choose from…

Found a wood one on amazon called nibtoutech emr and a couple from some brand called king write that aren’t listed here for example

If you can confirm that they are Wacom EMR, feel free to add them.

The alphabet soup companies on Amazon are something to be wary of though.