Use of AI and large language models in games

It’s happening! Someone is building a mod that uses ChatGPT and AI based voice synthesis to allow freeform voice interactions with characters in Skyrim. The voices sound a bit robotic, all dialog starts with “Hmm… let me think” to account for the repsonse delay, and it seems like every NPC is willing to talk at length with the player, but it’s still a very cool project, and a great start. The future of AI-RPG is bright!


Very cool! And yet another example of why Skyrim will never die. People just keep on coming up with new mods. :vb-lol:

By the way, it’s not tied to Skyrim VR. It’s independent of the Skyrim version. Here’s his Reddit post on it:

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Neat. Procedurally generated NPC content.


If this is the same chatbot everybody is going on about, then my fears of an AI takeover are soothed.

Early days, sure, but dang. Quite aside from the rough tonal and pronunciation qualities, the content sounds worse than the Ship’s Computer from TNG, (but then, that stuff was written and read by humans).

Cold, thorough and lacking self awareness. Square af. They sound like Young Sheldons, minus the feeling. We’re saved.