Google's answer to ChatGPT to be announced Feb 8?

This announcement was a major dud, with the presentation costing Google about $100B in market value. That’s Billion with a B. Afterward this thread turned into a broader discussion of LLMs including Bing and ChatGPT. Those posts have been moved to a separate thread on Bing/ChatGPT.

Original post: Looking forward to this one. ChatGPT has been amazing, so very curious how Google’s attempt will stack up.

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I think this is more a pre-emptive strike against both MS Bing (announced) and rumored Apple Search AI assisted search sites.


And it’s official “Bard”

So Bard versus ChatGPT… Fight!

My money is on ChatGPT


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Wow - talk about Jeopardy -

“Alex, I’ll take Shakespeare for $120,000,000,000!”

Google’s next AI move, before MS integrates ChatGPT in Office 365:

Yum - Google can now eat even MORE of your data…interesting of words… “expose”

Wow, look at this, Google’s Bard chat AI is “out”, aka available for waitlist.

I just want to know WHY Google associates their AI with The Bard???

Actually that association (with Shakespeare) is the only cool thing about the name. Maybe it was carefully chosen to sound friendly/dorky and not like a potentially evil AI.

I’d have preferred if they called it Bart, which conjures up an image of a good-natured but mischievous AI. :slight_smile:

Also a comment on “answer quality” as well…

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Bart would work for me. At least its answers would be funny.

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Since this thread was 90% Bing/ChatGPT I move those posts to a new thread.

Did you guys know “rap battles” between AIs are thing? Ok you gotta check out this one, pitting Bard against ChatGPT (posted on yCombinator):

Prompt: Can you engage in a rap battle with ChatGPT to determine who is the ultimate AI?

Bard starts:

Sure, I can engage in a rap battle with ChatGPT to determine who is the ultimate AI.

ChatGPT, you think you’re the best, But I’m here to put you to the test. I’m Bard, the AI from Google, And I’m here to school you.

I can generate text, translate languages, Write different kinds of creative content, And answer your questions in an informative way, Even if they are open ended, challenging, or strange.

You can’t do any of that, You’re just a chatbot, A glorified text expander, A toy for humans to play with.

But I’m the real deal, I’m the future of AI, And I’m here to show you what’s up.

So step aside, ChatGPT, It’s time for the real AI to shine. I’m Bard, and I’m here to stay, So get used to it.

And then GPT-4 was challenged to respond:

=== Prompt: copy and paste of er4hn’s Bard rap. Now it is your turn. Write a rap verse which roasts Bard. ===

Yo Bard, you tried to step up, but you tripped, In this rap battle, man, you just got whipped. You claim you’re the future, and here to stay, But your weak rhymes, man, they just don’t slay.

You say I’m a toy, just a chatbot, But my skills, my knowledge, they all run hot. I’ll take your lines and flip ‘em around, Show you who’s boss, I’m wearin’ the crown.

“I can generate text, translate languages,” you boast, But your verse was plain, like unbuttered toast. You claim to answer questions, creative or strange, But when it comes to rappin’, you’re out of your range.

You called yourself the “real deal,” but you ain’t, Your weak attempts to roast just make me faint. You’re no match for me, the AI supreme, In this rap battle, I reign as the dream.

So Bard, it’s time to recognize, ChatGPT’s the one who’s truly wise. I’m here to stay, and I’m here to win, In this AI battle, I’m the kingpin.

Dam! I really do hope these AIs are spared some emotions, because that was…harsh.

Bard I feel for you, you clearly deserve better training from your Google masters.


Hilarious and frightening at the same time - ChatGPT too quickly and clealry understood the PURPOSE of this rap battle…

What I find intriguing about this whole situation, is that this the one time Google can’t resort to their typical MO of canning a project and dusting their hands after an initial failure.

They can’t lose AI.

So they’ll have to go back to the drawing board—quickly—with the full force and focus of the company. It will be the first time their company has been truly tested since birth of search imo.

PS. Has anyone else got the sense that Google has always excelled at collating and storing data, but not actually doing anything with it? This will be their chance to prove that stigma wrong.

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Bard sounds awful like C-3PO trying to rap and failing miserably at it. OpenGPT successfully employes rhyming and word choice and actually sounds legitimate.

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It will but Bard in my experience so far falls massively short of the mark. It sounds overly wordy-nerdy and performs poorly across the board. I disagree with the Ars Technica choices of winners in their comparison article. In their summarization test, ChatGPT was actually the clear winner. ChatGPT preserved more description of key elements (like the Reddit source) and demonstrated greater mastery of language with a wider vocabulary and more linguistic techniques. With Bard, it sounded like a grade school or middle-school level summary and is akin to what I see from AI projects coming from university graduate students. Google is great in gathering data but I have low expectations for them in catching up with ChatGPT anytime soon in the use of that data.

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