Google AI innovations

The introduction of Bard was a bit of a fiasco, but of course Google won’t give up on AI. This thread is for posting updates on what’s happening on the AI front at Google.

At today’s Google I/O a nice new feature in Gmail was shown: “help me write”. This is like ChatGPT, but I like that there are standard options where you can ask to make the message more formal, or to ask for a longer message on the same topic. Very handy. Downside, in the future emails are more and more going to be AI’s talking to each other on behalf of users and companies. I’m not even kidding!

Another interesting new tool from Google:

We’ve seen text-to-image—and more recently—text-to-video generation, but with this, I can see on the horizon whole feature films being created with a few simple phrases. Wild times. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


An opinion piece on Google’s I/O presentation by Ars’ grumpiest writer: