UltraWide Monitors remind us there is still much to learn about OLED "burn in" (ARS)

As any future engineer learns in their first semester, any technology deployed in the mainstream inherently requires significant trade offs between features, usability and reliability. For instance the inherent trade off between total brightness and longevity. eg. the brighter it is, the shorter it’s useful life.

And it’s not just OLED. Even “classic LCD” tech loses brightness and color accuracy due to wear, often uneven on the individual LEDs

I emailed the author and she told me that while they have focused on OLED recently since it’s currently the hot (pun intended) display tech, they also plan to go in to in a similar way with miniLED (which has it’s own set of tradeoffs) and even standard full array over the next months.

Great read regardless if you want to know a bit more about display tech , or are an obsessive about it like me :grin:

Ultrawide monitors remind us there’s still much to learn about OLED burn-in | Ars Technica