To Trade, or Not To Trade? What to do with iPad Pro 11 OG?

My iPad Pro 11 is getting a bit long in the tooth. Given that iPadOS 16 is signaling the future features will live in M1+ space, what to do?


  1. Do nothing. It doesn’t get used that often since the iPad Mini 6 arrived. Wait and see iPadOS 17.
  2. Trade it in. Right now, it scores a $300 trade-in (which will evaporate).
  3. Get the iPad Air 5 - least cost change. I don’t need the camera upgrade, 1TB storage and have no use case for Thunderbolt 4.
  4. Get the iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen. on the “buy all the features/be a power owner” model.
  5. Get the iPad Pro 12.9 and commit to AppleTraz

Your suggestions welcome.


I posted more in another thread, but I’d suggest you do it quick as the announcement is already tanking the resale value.


BTW; I’m not as annoyed as I might otherwise be since I both got a great deal on my 2018, and I bought it right when they were released so I got (or will get) nearly four years of use out of it.

Not quite the length that IOS generally has had for IOS devices, but still a lot better generally than anything on Android or most windows PCS.

PS: I’d be ok with an OLED screen as an alternative for miniLED if they can produce one like the one in the Tab S8 + that I’ve been using for work for the last few days.

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Of course, I’m traveling over the next 10 days and can’t really deal with the shipping/return stuff.

At the risk of being a heretic to the raison d’etre for our little band here, I’m asking myself if this isn’t the chance to “let it go, don’t get the shiny new thing, the iPP11OG will make a great slideshow display that doesn’t need the latest iPadOS… .”

I believe the Buddha described nirvana as the absence of fear and desire.


It’s still as useful as it was two days ago, after all.


Tech specific FOMO is an ugly (and expensive) beast.

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Heresy ! especially for our group who’s very existence is predicated on having the new shiny… except of course for Bronsky, perhaps the only rational one among us:)


From this seat, it clearly is an M1 world for professionals/business iPad users going forward. Even prices on used M1 iPads are softening a bit, I assume in anticipation of an M2 model this fall. Admit it, you are getting the cell right next to mine in AppleTraz…

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I was speaking hypothetically of course. Looking at things from a perspective alien to our creed.

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Yeah I’m already going over in my head, justification for a new Pro or more likely Air , after telling my wife not long ago that I wasn’t seeing a need to upgrade my 11 pro yet…

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I am really looking forward to actually trying Stage Manager. Apple has a knack for making demos look better than the reality of actually using them. My question now is if it’s enough to achieve a goal I’ve long sought which is to have my pro be my only device at least part of the time, such as a business overnight.

And not an Apple thing, but Windows 365 also could/does get me part way there, though not without significant cost.

In a hypothetical, not too distant future state where there was no need to consider corporate infrastructure, or the creation or management of complex/long form documents/spreadsheets how much tech horsepower does one need?

Ferrari, Porshe or Hyundai?

I am a bit annoyed. I bought the 2020 when it came out, as a very incremental upgrade, so I’ve only had it for a little over 2 years. Part of my decision to buy it ( I had never owned an Apple device before I got it), was my MIL’s iPad that she had had at the time for over 7 years. It was just starting to slow down, while my less than 5yo Windows tablet was barely surviving. I thought man, as little as Apple updates their software with anything that actually taxes the system, the IPP should last me well beyond 5 years.

And technically, I’m sure it still will, if I don’t upgrade it. But it’s annoying that after however many years, they finally decided to do an upgrade that makes older models actually outdated.

I am SURE the CORRECT answer is Hyundai (we loved our Santa Fe years ago), but

Around here, the answer is Porsche Taycan…

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I highly recommend not checking how much you’re spending on tech on a monthly basis. :slight_smile: For the past 15 years I have spent over $100/month on average on just computers and tablets, not even including phones. :scream:


Feels a bit like leasing a car, and not in a good way.

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We are ALL on the tech trail with Wile E.

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If I had the 2020, I’d be far more annoyed as well.

OTOH, Apple seems to be doing much more/worse on the Intel Mac side and at a faster pace. Spatial audio is already a casualty with intel macs, and lots of other stuff such as stage manager has reduced functionality at best.

Definitely less of a walled garden and more prison like in these cases. And one virtue still of windows is that even when support is officially dropped of a feature/hardware, the community almost always comes up with hacks/workarounds.


This morning’s whole discussion kicked me back to my favorite tech article of all time from Jim Seymour in 1988: The Quest for the “Least Computer”

I have quoted it far too often around here, but have yet to be able to burn it into my DNA despite how CORRECT Jim was…hopefully iPadOS 16 will bring me around to a simple, if compromised, solution…

I actually CRINGE when I compare thee 1988 specs to the iPad Air 5 with 5g at ESSENTIALLY the same price (excluding 32 years of inflation). Counting inflation, and you can buy $1955 worth of iPad Pro today!


Depending if you really really need the new multi tasking function or not.

The iPad age well. I had my normal iPad 2018, with worse chip and only 2 GB of RAM, for a long time and hadn’t had any problem with it performance-wise. You can still use split windows, and TBH I find it easier to manage than windowed app on a fully touch based.

Extend screen support could be nice, but only if you are sure to dock it to replace your PC. If there’s already a PC, then a PC works better as a docked device if you gonna sit in front of a monitor.

I think it doesn’t worth it to upgrade, as the your Pro is likely going to still work well for many years, and would probably still score a decent price on Craigslist even after its trade-in value evaporated.

But again all of us here love shiny new gadgets. The iPad just isn’t my thing, but there are many devices I want to buy that doesn’t serve any purpose that existing devices can’t do, so the iPad could be like that to you too.