Tech deal alert

Looks like that $100 off at AppleInsider works on the $1299 M2 Mac Mini too.


Wish we had that price, then I would probably buy one, too (not for collection purposes, totally not!). But price probably will be doubled if I count shipping and whether or not it will arrive in one piece without warranty…

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the Tab S8 Ultra to drop 2/3 of its original price… maybe still 1-2 years in the future. That Wacom touch screen is just so marvelous…

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I had heard it was much more difficult to get them unlocked these days (flat refusal to unlock them) given the number of AT&T ones in the market. Is that not actually the case? Tempted to order one and have it shipped up to Canada. Works out to be about $390CAD including customs.

That’s what I’ve been reading as well. I recently saw a post by someone who claimed that they did get it unlocked after a huge ordeal (lots of calls). It doesn’t sound like a sure thing to me.

Haven’t there been any reductions yet? It is selling at a good pace even att full price?

It was on Woot a while back, I believe — not sure if it was that low.

Best Buy and Microcenter near me offer $50-$200 off depending on model configuration on regular basis including now with for example $70 off the standard base Tab S8

Tech deal alert: Dale is selling his Duo Uno after (checks watch) fifteen minutes of evaluation.

Edit: cancelled. I can’t keep up!!

I’ll have you know I gave it a full HOUR (seriously, it got 72 hours on and off, and just can’t navigate Android, which says more about me than the device). Despite trying to look at this as a mini-tablet it is still carrying two smartphones…


The Mac mini $499 deal is over at Apple Insider & Adorama, changed to $50 off: $549. I believe the $499 price is still going for education at

Ars listed a couple of Surface deals today, some of which represent pretty significant discounts. Unfurtunately the phrase “up to x off” usually means “provided you buy the most overpriced high-end model”.

Kudos to Discourse for correctly copying all that formatting.


Don’t know much about this model. Deal or no deal? ZenBook Duo Pro 15 OLED for $2000 at Costco.