Tech deal alert

Looks like that $100 off at AppleInsider works on the $1299 M2 Mac Mini too.


Wish we had that price, then I would probably buy one, too (not for collection purposes, totally not!). But price probably will be doubled if I count shipping and whether or not it will arrive in one piece without warranty…

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the Tab S8 Ultra to drop 2/3 of its original price… maybe still 1-2 years in the future. That Wacom touch screen is just so marvelous…

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I had heard it was much more difficult to get them unlocked these days (flat refusal to unlock them) given the number of AT&T ones in the market. Is that not actually the case? Tempted to order one and have it shipped up to Canada. Works out to be about $390CAD including customs.

That’s what I’ve been reading as well. I recently saw a post by someone who claimed that they did get it unlocked after a huge ordeal (lots of calls). It doesn’t sound like a sure thing to me.

Haven’t there been any reductions yet? It is selling at a good pace even att full price?

It was on Woot a while back, I believe — not sure if it was that low.

Best Buy and Microcenter near me offer $50-$200 off depending on model configuration on regular basis including now with for example $70 off the standard base Tab S8

Tech deal alert: Dale is selling his Duo Uno after (checks watch) fifteen minutes of evaluation.

Edit: cancelled. I can’t keep up!!

I’ll have you know I gave it a full HOUR (seriously, it got 72 hours on and off, and just can’t navigate Android, which says more about me than the device). Despite trying to look at this as a mini-tablet it is still carrying two smartphones…


The Mac mini $499 deal is over at Apple Insider & Adorama, changed to $50 off: $549. I believe the $499 price is still going for education at

Ars listed a couple of Surface deals today, some of which represent pretty significant discounts. Unfurtunately the phrase “up to x off” usually means “provided you buy the most overpriced high-end model”.

Kudos to Discourse for correctly copying all that formatting.


Don’t know much about this model. Deal or no deal? ZenBook Duo Pro 15 OLED for $2000 at Costco, supposedly down from $2800.

$270 for new Surface Duo 1 256 GB AT&T locked on eBay with code PRESDAY20

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$279.59 for a Microsoft Surface Go 2 LTE M 8GB 128GB SSD Platinum TAA at

Manufacturer Part# RVY-00001
Condition: Factory New


Shame they didn’t do the same for the 256gb SSD SKU - it only got a $33 haircut to $846

If anyone ever spots this deal again, please post here. I’d have taken the deal for $50 just for the pleasure of not having to type the BitLocker codes for external drives!


For those interested in sharing Office 365 with a few people, this might be a good option: ($50 discount)


Buyer warning: your Microsoft 365 becomes tied exclusively to Amazon until the subscription runs out if you purchase this digital subscription through them.


What does that mean in practice? Do they have some degree of account management authority in this case?

You can only renew and extend through Amazon until the subscription term ends with them. A family member got burnt doing this before and it was a pain because they had to count down the days until they were freed from Amazon pergatory.

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