Tab S9 Ultra pen tilt issue:

Well this is worrisome. I just upgraded my phone S22U and tablet S8U to S23U and S9U, respectively. Really good deal too.

So they actually managed to 1-up my worst expectations. They sent the same tablet back, but they didn’t send me back my S-pen. I wrapped it up in a seperate piece of bubble wrap and I guess they just thought it was trash and threw it away. This is another reason why I think they just have you send it back in its box.

Anyway I had an older Spen and the tilt behavior is still the same. This was the longest-of-long-stretches but I thought maybe restoring my tablet from the Cloud vs a direct transfer from an older tablet could make a difference. It did not.

The tablet is not bent and I don’t see any scratches on the screen. I think I’m just going to get my Spen back and chill for a while under the presumption that A) this might be sort-of normal behavior for an EMR device and B) it’s not necessarily that bad. I may need to hear some more reports from other people. IDK…

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Yeah, on that note, sorry to be this bitter, but I just noticed they’re running even better deals than during the pre-order session. IIRC I traded my S7+ in for $250, and now it’s worth $500. This company, man… That’s basically like Black Friday-level stuff, and it just came out of the blue.

Also makes it somewhat complicated to sell it on Swappa, which I’m definitely going to want to do because I am not using this S9 Plus for a year+.

To share some other crazy stuff, I’m going to wait until OneUI 6/Android 13 before I start fighting with Support again. I have some vague hope that OS update might resolve this.

I think sometimes Celsys breaks this when they roll out an update, but zooming and panning in CSP on this Tab S9 Plus is also very janky and way too sensitive. So anyways, I know I said I would chill out, but after trying to use this device for the past few days, I’m back to Infinite Painter on iPP.

Been a slew of bad luck because CSP also won’t let me transfer my $30+ dual device license to it anymore LOL. There was this discussion on Reddit where no one knew the exact # of times that you can transfer, but I think it’s around 5. I’m hoping it “renews” each month, or maybe I just need to find a way to manually deactivate it on the Tab if I truly don’t want to use it anymore.

Guess I’m just writing this stuff as a type of “warning” to anyone who may go down this path.


Thanks for this. But I had hoped that the Sx tablet would be my fallback when I could finally ditch windows devices.

Checked my S9U and S23U, mine have the aforementioned problems. It ruins my enjoyment of my tech. I still have time to return it, I’m just unsure what to do at this point.

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Question, you mailed your tech back to Samsung? Is there an option to take it to an actual samsung store/ubreakifix location?

I can’t quite remember, as terrible as it sounds.

If you go the mailing route, be careful because I’m still reeling from all the confusion over whether it’s supposed to be packed with it back in its box. The guy on the phone also directly contradicted the directions they emailed, saying I was not supposed to send accessories (S-pen, etc) but rather only the tablet, and that’s why I may never get my S-pen back, but I’m realizing he was practically gaslighting me to avoid having to do anything. I bought another one towards the end of last week.

BTW, really glad you reported the same issue, because the other day I finally went to Best Buy to test for the tilt detection. (Previously it was just that first issue on the Ultra with the brush veering off over on the upper left corner.) It turned out their Ultra has the same problem with tilt in addition to the aforementioned problem. The regular S9 also has it! However, I was not able to test their other lines (whatever the latest Tab Lite is, etc) due to an issue having to jump through hoops to get CSP installed on them.

I seriously think it’s the new magnet. Wish they had left it alone.

Since I’m on a time crunch for trading in my S8 and S22, I’m unsure how much time I have to weigh my options, but I do plan on visiting the Samsung Store and asking.

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So I don’t know whether to be more mad or less, but turns out the Tab S8U has the same exact problem.

This might just be a case where ignorance is bliss. I think I’m just going to keep the S9U and call it a day.

I’m not a big tilt user, in fact I barely use it at all I had it outright turned off. Maybe I will make a stink about it at Samsung, but I’m not sure I’m all that worked up to be honest.

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Have you talked with anyone at Samsung directly about this? I know that can be challenging actually getting a genuine engineer engaged, but OTOH your posts make me think Samsung would engage with you and try to address what looks like a genuine issue.

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Don’t know if you’re talking to me or Neon, but I have talked to an online rep, but all they did was send me a new pen. Do you have an idea who would I talk to about this?

It was addressed to either of you. I can’t give you a specific person, but I’d start with opening an issue with their support group.

The key to getting a response is to be nice/civil but also to be direct in the problem. eg. “I’m disappointed with the S-Pen experience on my new Tab S9 +…” should get flagged for a closer human look.

Also if you live near a Best Buy that has a Samsung experience center, they have actual Samsung employees. While I doubt they can do much directly they also may be able to assist/direct you to someone in their hierarchy that can actually take action.