Need OneNote Android Help!

call for help - @Bishop @Bronsky @Dellaster and any other Android OneNote users:

Test driving the used Galaxy Z Fold 3 and OneNote driving me NUTS! Today’s problem is pen points - no matter how thick I choose it still draws like a calligraphy pen - instead of a continuous line of ink it varies thickness and angle like a swoping calligraphy pen. It doesn’t do this in Samsung Notes, but there i can choose between a pen point and an ink pen nib…


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Have you tried a different stylus?

How thick do you have your lineweight set to?

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I don’t have this issue on the Duo Deux. I was able to replicate it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 w/ SPen (2019). With some practice focused on maintaining constant pressure through strokes, I did achieve mostly consistent(ish) line width. I could not find a way to turn pressure off.

There seems to be less variability in thinner stroke settings.


If I set it too low I get no line; any thicker than 20% and it starts to vary, a lot, but the ink itself almost looks wedge shape instead of just a thicker line. Strange that Samsung Notes comes out with a consistent ink thickness…

Very strange, I just did a little test on my Galaxy Tab 8 Lite and had zero problems with the pen. Could it be related to Microsoft’s N-Trig driver. Have you checked for settings insida Android for the pen?

I don’t have this issue on my Note 10 in Onenote. It works perfectly. Must be something with the Fold 3 software.

I can also replicate this in ON on iOS - if I really apply extra pressure while writing.

Hope this demos my problem - first SP8 then GF3:

Not sure how to fix that.

I’m convinced it is a OneNote thing - on my SP8 I turn off pressure in settings to get a much more consistent inking experience. You can’t do that on the Android version, yet I know its a capable inking device because Samsung Notes doesn’t do this. Just another case of Microsoft giving lip service to how much they are “invested” in the Android ecosystem - NOT!

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It’s because OneNote doesn’t handle the S Pen pressure curve correctly and I haven’t found a way to turn it off, that is why I only use it in a pinch. Slim Pen 2 on the DOU 2 is a much better experience.