Surface Duo 2

Okay, I admit it. I love the Surface Duo (2).

I have a Surface duo, for audio books, audio, media playback and general browsing/editing docs. I FORCED myself to use it and… now I cannot do without it. It’s fantastic.

Since the last post, I’ve changed my main phone/camera from the Huawei Mate 20 x, to a Pixel 6 Pro. Darn, it’s smooth, but gets very hot. “Warning, your device is warm!” Okay Google, you suck. Nice phone though.

Still, the Duo is fantastic. I’ll grab a Duo 2 once the price falls to around £500, second hand (at least 256Gb, as 120 is a bit tight).


Does anyone here actually uses the Slim Pen on the Duo (1/2)? How well does it function in Android in general? (Like can you easily select + drag text in non-MS apps like Firefox or such? Does right-click do something?)

I use the slim pen 2 everyday with my Duo 2, it works really well. The Slim Pen 1 is super frustrating to use, feels like a crayon on the small screen.

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Really? I use the slim pen 1 on SDuo 1. Writing in OneNote doesn’t feel like using crayon to me. However, the pen does sleep after a few seconds of inactivity. I don’t think right-clicking works though.

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It’s possible that my view is jaded moving from 2 back to 1, the 2 has a great nib and writing on the smaller screen works so much better. I just bought another 2 so all 3 of the devices have one :slight_smile:

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:+1:t4: I use the 2 on my SP8 too. The difference is quite clear.

Can select text but I don’t think it can drag.

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Interesting, thanks both.

So, not only was Microsoft considering a plastic version of the Duo, it was considering a Wifi version.
Would you buy a WiFi-only Surface Duo? - Liliputing


So the latest info on the Duo and a possible successor.

The rumor that MS has killed the Duo is widespread, and the fact that it’s very hard to buy isn’t helping.

This article also references a rumor that we heard a couple of weeks ago which is that the next Duo might opt for a foldable display. And considering that the office apps already have multiple optimizations for the Samsung Fold, it would make sense to extend them to their own devices.

We expect MS will clarify this at the rumored fall event

Microsoft responds to Surface Duo 2 ‘discontinuation’ rumors | Windows Central

PS: additional support for this rumor is that the display used in the Xaiomi Mix is also available to purchase as an assembly for OEMs

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