[SOLD] Apple Mac Mini (M1, 16gb Ram, 2tb SSD) AppleCare+ 09/27/25

Trying to empty the tech closet - the M1 Mac Mini is an amazing piece of kit, but I’m too deep in portability to make this work by remote desktop, and I’ve already chronicled my cord cutting failure.

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  1. Late 2021 Mac Mini - M1, 16gb ram, 2tb ssd, AppleCare+ to 09/27/25

  2. Used - I’ve had it one month; original service date September 2022

  3. Pictures

eBay Listing: Apple Mac Mini (2TB SSD, Apple M1, 16GB RAM) Silver - Z12N000G8 (Late 2020) for sale online | eBay

  1. $800

  2. PayPal (Family & Friends)

  3. US Domestic Only - free Priority Mail shipping

  4. dkstrauss on eBay

  5. Best of all you get the “tribe” discount off my eBay price ($950). AppleCare+ is good for almost two years (09/27/25).

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This is an amazing deal. I am tempted. Very tempted.

Unfortunately we are a bit tapped out from Christmas LOL…that price is so good!

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Understand - not a good time to sell unless someone just has to have it…

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My secretary would kill for this but I don’t think I’m ready to migrate from windows.

Chicken! But that would be a real test for WordPerfect…HOWEVER, if Copilot in Windows 12 is really lurking in the background throughout the OS and Apps waiting to “help me” in writing or work, then I am out of here!

Seriously, I first got this for cord cutting (fail) then thought seriously about a desktop because of the specs, but I’m just too portable dependent at this point…

It’s a great price Dale. Somebody will snatch it up.