[SOLD] Surface Laptop Studio i7-16GB RAM-2TB SSD-RTX 3050Ti dGPU + Pen - $1400 -


  1. Surface Laptop Studio i7-16GB RAM-2TB SSD-RTX 3050Ti dGPU + Slim Pen 2 (2 pens, one new in box) + box of xtra nibs
    The SSD is a SK hynix Gold P31 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen3 M.2 2280 and I will include the stock 512GB 2220 SSD so that you have it if needed to swap back before warranty service.

  2. Used, owned since Jan 2022

Just ask if you wish to see any other photos

  1. $1600
    Will consider trades +/- $$ if it’s something that interests me (e.g. higher end M1 Mac Mini or M1 iPad Pro since mine are low end; Steam Deck). PM me about any reasonable offer.

  2. PayPal (possibly Apple Pay via iMessage)

  3. Insured USPS Ground shipping from Baker, NV to CONUS included with sale

  4. Swappa profile: User EBK971: Ted R. - Swappa

  5. Excellent condition, slight wrinkling of the silver tape on back from the SSD swap. Warranty good till Jan 2023. Reason for sale: love it but it’s redundant with my switch to M1 Mac Mini and M1 iPad Pro 11 combo.

Currently this item in “Good” condition with the stock 512GB, no extras, is going for $1600-$1700 on Swappa. I wanted to give an even better deal to the good folks here first before removing the 2TB SSD, replacing the original, and selling it there. Which might be this coming weekend if there’s no interest here.

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Very nice. Wish I was in the market.


I don’t need this, I don’t need this, I don’t need this, I don’t need this.

But my kid might.


Haha, nice try (replying from Share your tablet history - if you dare! - #55 by JoeS). I was tempted, but your model has 16 GB RAM (my SB3 has 32 GB) and, after playing around with my brother’s SLS, the increased performance is not sufficient yet to warrant an upgrade. I might wait for the SLS2. When I do, I will miss the rear camera. No one ever talks about it, but I do use it in clipboard mode when in the lab etc. Using my phone to take a pic then waiting for sync to Windows does the same but is an extra step… Anyway. Good luck with the sale, it’s tempting!


I would buy it, but i already have one.

Maybe i should have waited. ha ha.

great deal.


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Yeah, I didn’t think there was much of a chance to find a buyer here since it depends on needs or wants and also most importantly timing. But I figured I’d give it a chance before getting it ready for Swappa and going through that hassle.

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Sorry I went to the dark side Ted - it is a great value…

Looks like he’s joining you there full-time!

That’s the plan. :vb-agree:


$200 price drop to $1400.

Reason: I have had to go into a PayPal dispute with the Swappa M1 Mac Mini seller who never sent tracking and hasn’t communicated in days. The dispute can take weeks. :anger:

Anyway, I have no desire to sell or buy on Swappa or eBay anytime soon if I have a choice. Offers on of those buy-your-Surface places, after I swap back the original 512GB SSD and counting the $210 2TB one I’ll keep and the Surface pens I can sell separately, would be a about $1400. So here we are. I think it’s a very good deal for someone.

Ugh what a pain!!! Man, $1400 is such a good deal I almost want to get a spare. Plus I don’t have one with dGPU yet!


This has been sold.